Extra Info
Here is some extra info you can use to make our bot and commands more unique!
Wants some extra tip and tricks on how to make your bot cooler? Well check out these bits of information and try them out!

Server Specific Permissions

With a recent update to the Discord API you can now add specific permissions to every single one of your bot commands without having open the BotGhost Dashboard.

Setting it up

It is quite an easy set up process, just make sure you used the BotGhost Dashboard invite link to invite your bot to the server.
Make your way over to the settings tab of your server, click om the "integrations" tab. After scrolling down a bit you will see all the bots with Slash Commands currently in the server, if you do not see your bot Kick & Re-Invite it using the BotGhost Dashboard invite.
Here you can see a list of bots. You can view the day they were added, and who invited them.
If you see a screen like the one above you have done everything perfectly! From here you can click on "Manage" and start editing your bots permissions. You can edit permissions for specific roles, or channels.
You can set the commands up to where only admins can use them, or that they can only be used in specific channels.
Any user that does not have specified role or is not in the correct channel will not be able to use a command, any users with Administrator permissions will still be able to use the commands in any channel. You can also edit specific command permissions, this can make it to where only specific roles can use this command/the command will only be able to be used in a specified channel.
The command "/support" is using a different set of permissions than everything else.
You can re-sync a command to the default commands by clicking on the "sync" button if your command permissions do not match up with the default ones.
The settings for this command are not synced so a new alert has appeared so the command can be re-synced.
That sums up the update, for additional information you can visit the Discord Official page that was released with this update.
View the page here or by clicking below:
Permission to Slash, Granted: Introducing Slash Command Permissions
This will take you to a Discord Official page


Did you know BotGhost supports image APIs for our bots? You can use these to make cool commands! Popcat is our most used one, you can use these APIs to create fun interactive commands.


We currently only support Image Endpoints but here is a short tutorial on how to add them to your bot.
You can also use many other Popcat Image API Endpoints for many other commands! Get creative, and have fun botghosting.
Check out Popcat below:
Pop Cat - API


You can create a specific timestamp for your commands if you wanted to show when an event was happening or how long ago something was.
You will have to manually create the timestamp but don't worry because here is a tutorial on how to do that!
Timestamps - Year
If you don't want to use that timestamp generator you can also use the one below, it is a bit more self explanatory.