Your settings page is where all the information about your bot is stored.

Bot Token

The token for your bot. This is what links your discord bot and allows BotGhost to control and host your bot on our servers.

If you ever regenerate your token ensure that you paste the new token back into your dashboard.


This section is for your bots status and subscription.

Premium Tokens

This section shows how many premium tokens are available. Premium tokens are used to upgrade your bot to premium. A premium subscription is required to keep your bot online past the 7 day free trial. To purchase a token go to the premium tab in your dashboard.

Bot Status

This is the status of your bot, either online or offline. From here you can turn your bot on and off by clicking the Stop and Start buttons

This is the invite link for your bot. From here you can invite your bot to any server that you are in.


Your bots subscription. From here premium users can manage, change or cancel their subscription.

To upgrade your subscription, go to the Premium tab in your dashboard.


This is the trigger or prefix which your bot will respond to. This is what will come before any command that you use.


The status message of your bot. For free trial users this is by default set to Created and Hosted on !help for commands. Only premium users can change their bots status.

To change your bots status a premium subscription is required