I need help!
Hey there! We at BotGhost pride ourselves in solving issues! Here are a few ways we can help more!

Support Server

We have our very own Official Support Server! With a 24/7 support team, your questions will be answered! Head over to our support channels and ask your questions.
Join the BotGhost Official Discord Server!
This link will take you straight to our Discord Server!


Before going to the support server we do ask that you read these docs first! Our stay is 24/7 but due to the high capacity requests we'd prefer you check out the Docs before going to the support server.


We have our very own Official YouTube Tutorials channel! The channel has tutorials on how to do a lot with BotGhost!
This will take you to the BotGhost Official Tutorials YouTube.
Got any BotGhost tutorials/videos you want to add? Get in contact with our media team! [email protected]

Premium Issues

If you are a premium member we have a special support channel, in our Support Server! If you're having payment issues you can DM our own Modmail Bot so we can help fix the issue.
If you do not wish to contact us via the Discord Server you can always send an email to: