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Here are some Frequently Asked questions and how to solve them!
All of these FAQ's are listed in our Official Support Server so don't forget to check it out if you need any additional help!

FAQ #1:

Q: Why does my bot show the error "Integration Require Code Grant" when I am inviting my Discord Bot to my server? - A: Disable the "Requires OAUTH2 Code Requires Code Grant" in your Discord Developer Portal. Click here for the Discord Developer Portal link.

FAQ #2:

Q: Why is the BotGhost Dashboard not loading? It is constantly showing the BotGhost loading screen! - A: Clear your Browser Cache.
Click the links below on how to clear your specific browser Cache. Google ​Firefox OperaGX ​Internet Explorer​

FAQ #3:

Q: Why is my bot offline?
A: Attempt to turn on your bot via the "Settings" tab on your BotGhost dashboard. If this does not work please make sure you have all your "Presence Intents" enabled. If this continues to not work please join our Official Support Server for more help! Click the links below to access each area. BotGhost Dashboard ​Official Support Server ​How to Enable Intents? ​

FAQ #4:

Q: Am I able to Create a Ticket, Modmail, or Giveaway bot with BotGhost? -
A: At the current moment those are not yet available! They may become a thing in a future update! We do have a small Dev Team so updates may be slow but join our Support Server to see our updates!

FAQ #5:

Q: How do I enable "Privilege Gateway Intent?"
- A: Please check out the link below for more info! How to Enable Intents? ​
FAQ #6: Q: Why can't I use text/Prefix commands?
A: With the implementation of slash commands Discord are planning on making Message content a privileged intent, meaning verified bots must apply for access to be able to read the content of a message. As BotGhost is one of the largest bot hosting platforms, we must comply with Discords policies and decisions and therefor shift our development over to slash commands and interactions. A system will be created to convert existing text commands over to slash commands.
FAQ #7: Q: Why am I the only one able to use the slash commands?
A: Confirm that you have enabled the "Slash Commands" Permission for your channels in order for a specific role to use the slash commands in that channel.
FAQ #8:
Q: Where can I access the Chargebee portal to see what I have purchased?
A: Use the link below to view your active subscriptions, make sure to use the email you used to purchase the subscription.
Customer portal
This link will take you to the Chargebee login page.
FAQ #9: Q: How can I delete something on the Command Builder?
A: Windows: DEL Key MAC/Apple: FN + DEL key ChromeOS: ALT + BACKSPACE key
FAQ #10 Q: How can I import codes from #command-sharing?
A: Take a look at the gif below;
FAQ #11: Q: Why aren't my roles/channels showing?
A: Take a look at the gif below;
FAQ #12: Q: How do I delete my bot?
A: You can delete your bot by; clicking on the settings tab on the BotGhost Dashbaord, scroll down and then click the delete button. -If you’re a premium user you cannot delete your bot until your term is over, this includes premium trials.
FAQ #13: Q: Is BotGhost safe to use?
A: BotGhost is 100% safe to use. You can find a blog on our safety by clicking here. You can also find our ToS and Privacy Policy here.
FAQ #14: Q: Who can I contact for Payment & Billing Support?
A: Please check out the link below for more info;
FAQ #15:
Q: Will the premium modules/commands disable when my premium expires?
A: Yes, all the enabled premium modules will be disabled when your premium expires. This is including custom commands.
FAQ #16:
Q: My bot I made a couple months ago still has prefix commands why doesn't my new bot?
A: Prefixes are being removed from BotGhost due to Message Content Deprecation, due to BotGhost not getting access to this your old bots will still have them, until we full complete the shift over to Slash Commands.
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