Custom Commands
Create custom slash commands
Slash Commands allow you to create powerful custom commands. To get started you must first enter the trigger and description of your command.

Creating a Slash Command

To create a slash command you must first enter a trigger and description for the command.
Dashboard - BotGhost
This link will take you to the custom commands module in the BotGhost Dashboard

Encountering a Slash Error in your Error Logs?

You are able to edit the trigger and description of any command on BotGhost. Triggers are what cause your bot to run a certain command. Descriptions describe your command.
To get started all you need to do is click on a command in your dashboard!

Viewing your Command

On our Command Builder there is a main yellow box, this will have all the main info of your command. (Permissions, Name, Description, etc.) You can edit all of this to your liking.
To edit the command click on the yellow box and a new box will appear on the left or right side of your screen, from there you will see all the options listed below.

Editing a Command Trigger

You can change the command trigger by editing an existing command. In the main yellow outlined block, you can change the trigger. Refrain from making the command trigger the same as an existing command, this includes non custom commands.


To change the description simply click on the "description" box and write a description. You may edit the description at any moment; if you want to add a new description, simply click back into the "description" box and type in a new one.


You can set up permissions for your command, you can set these under the "permissions" tab that will appear near the bottom of your menu when you click on the yellow box.
Here you can choose what roles are allowed to use it, what roles are banned from using the command, you can even choose allowed channels. Basically, if you are creating a moderation command or a command you want locked to a specified role here is where you can edit all that.

Options, Actions, and Conditions

This command builder has many customizations to it, this is where your Option, Action, and Conditions blocks come into play.
With Option blocks you can set up fields for a command to be made.
/help [moderation] [fun] [info]
In this scenario the "[moderation]", "[fun]", and "[info]" boxes are all variables the user must decide to carry out the command.
With the Conditions blocks you can use these variables to carry out actions.
Example: /help [moderation]
If a user chooses this variable ("[moderation]") the bot will carry out a different action than if the user chose a variable like ("[fun]").
With the Action blocks you can produce a action for when the command is triggered. You can connect Action Blocks to Conditions Blocks to create a command with multiple outputs. Below is an example on how a simple "/hello" command can turn into a plain text response.
Example: /hello
The bot would respond with "Hello {user}"
Actions can be dragged into the command builder to produce a response anywhere from a simple plain text response to a more complex Select Menu response.

Variables... what are they?

Variables can be used to make your commands more "automated" a user can trigger the command and the bot can respond back with the user's username, or how many members are in the server, or even how long the bot has been online for.
Variables can be used in all kinds of commands, from a custom economy command, to a simple greeting command. Some variables can even be used in your bot's status! (You do need premium to change the bot's status though)
You can view the long list of variables here.

Command Templates?

Command templates are simple, they are command made by the Development and Staff Teams to make your work here at BotGhost easier. You can copy these command templates to create really cool commands! Or add onto the command templates and create a MEGA COMMAND!!!! We are always looking for new and swag commands to add to the templates so feel free to submit your sharecode in our Official Support Server and maybe it will be added one day.

What does Importing Commands do?

Importing commands are kind of like templates but made by the amazing community! In the top right corner of the command builder there is a "import commands" button, click it and paste the share code."But what's a share code?" you might be asking!
A share code is a pre generated code used to add a command to your bot without having to well add the blocks to the command builder, the owner of the original command must generate a sharecode for their command and then share it. Important Note: If a user Edits or Deletes their command the sharecode will no longer be valid and will need to be regenerated.

Deleting and Duplicating Blocks

When in your block's settings you will see an option for deleting and duplicating your block.

Deleting Blocks

To delete a block simply click on the "Delete Block" button. This will permanently delete the block, you will not be able to recover this block after it's deletion.

Duplicating Blocks

To duplicate the block you basically do the same thing, click the "duplicate block" button. You can duplicate this block again by clicking the button... again.

FAQ Time!!!

Frequently Asked Questions - Command Builder
You are now ready young padawan for the journey ahead! Continue to the next page to continue learning the art of the command builder.