Response Actions
This is the different ways your bot can run actions.

Video Tutorials

Don't wanna read? Me neither! Here are some videos to help.
Click on the Titles to be taken to the video

Choosing your Reply

There are a few different types of reply, here you will be shown how to add and use them.

Plain Text Reply

This will respond with a simple plain text reply, you can only customize the trigger and the description.

Embed Reply

This will respond with an embedded message, you will have a bit more customization, you can customize the following:
If it has a * next to it that means it is required.
  • Author - This will display at the top of the message.
  • Thumbnail URL - This will be an image or GIF at the top right of the message
  • *Title - The title for the message, this will be bold and below the author
  • *Description - The main part of the embed right below the title
  • Image URL - This will display an image or GIF right below the description
  • Footer - This will display at the bottom of the message
  • Embed URL - This will take you to a specified link by clicking on the title
  • Embed Color - You can edit the color of the embed here

Random Reply

You can set up to 150 random responses for the bot to respond with, the responses can be embed or plain text.

Bot waits x time before Sending

The bot will wait a set amount of time (in seconds) before starting the next action. This can be used for different uses, the blocks also stack. In the example below the command will wait 10s to give the user 100 coins .
You can also use this block multiple times in a single command so you can have multiple actions wait before running.

Select Menu

You can create a select menu up 25 responses with this.
  • Message - Here you can create a Embed or Plain Text response which will post above the Select Menu
  • Response Type - You can choose to reply to the command trigger with this command or to send the response to a specific channel
  • Placeholder - You can choose what will be shown to the user before they click on the select menu
  • Reactions - You can add reactions to this message, the reactions will not have actions
  • Hide Replies - You can choose if you'd like the message to only be shown by the user who triggered the command or everyone who can see the channel

Adding a menu

After clicking the "Add Menu Option" you can now edit the rest of the select menu, aswell as connect actions to each page
  • Label - This is what will show on the list for the user to click
  • Description - Here you can describe what the next action will be for that page
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