Role Actions
You can use these to give or remove roles from users.

Add & Remove Roles

Here you can edit how the command works


Here you can edit the roles you want to remove or add to the user. Just click the "+" symbol to get started!


You can choose the user who triggered the command or if you add the User Option to the command you can do {option_user}.

Create & Delete Roles

Here you can create/delete a role all in one command!

Create a Role

You can create a fully customizable role creation command, for your bot.

Hex Color

Here you can choose what color you would like the role to be, you can find a color to hex generator here.

Display Separately

Here you can decided whether to "hoist"(to display away from other users, usually above another role) the role or not.


You can decide here whether all users can mention the role or not.


Here you can set up the role's permissions for the server. You can find a good guide on permissions here.


Here you can set the role name, you can use the user variables in this box or set up a static name.


This is simply for the Server Audit Logs, it serves no other purpose and will not edit the role in anyway.


Here you can set where you'd like the role to be in position to your other roles, you can leave it blank for it to automatically jump to the bottom.

Delete a Role

Here you can delete a server specific role.

Role List

Here you can view your server's list of roles. If you'd like to delete a role you just created you can also do that!
Remember to refresh your server guild data if you cannot find the role!