Server Actions
Server Actions are Actions that will affect the server in some way.

Channel Actions

With BotGhost you can create & destroy channels. Below is some more information on how to add them to your bot or maybe some creative ideas!

Creating Channels

With this block you can create a channel, edit the channels perms, and even add users to the channel.


In the settings you can change many things for the channel to be customized.
Change the Name of the channel by typing a new name! If it is a text channel the name will look like this i-am-a-text-channel Instead of "I am a text channel".
You can edit the type of channel, you can see the list of channels below:
Channel Type
This channel is a simple text channel.
This is a voice channel users can join and chat in .
This will create a category dropdown where you can add channels into.
This will be a channel that other servers can "follow" and get updates from any text that happens within the channel. See more info here on "News Channels".
You can set a topic for the channel, this will show at the top of the channel next to the channel name.
You can set where this channel will be in accordance to the Category.
Adding Permissions
You can add different types of channel permissions, you can add these by clicking the "add permissions" button, you can view these permissions below:
Permission Type
Give access to Specific Users, if you want to give access to the user who triggered the action you can fill the box with {user}.
Give a Specific role access to the channel.
Permissions Setup
You can allow or deny permissions to the user or role by clicking on the "+" Icon and choosing the permission. You can view a list of all permissions here.

Moderation Actions

You can now create custom moderation commands!

Actions List

Ban a user from your server
Kick a user from your server
Timeout a specific user
Create Role
Create a role
Delete Role
Delete a role
Below is an example on how to make a custom Ban Command.

Command Ideas

This is the part of the page you all have been waiting for! Where I tell you that you can make so pretty cool commands with these!
You can now create tickets, by using the create channel action and a creative mind! A simple ticket command has been added to the Default Command List so feel free to go off of that!
Temporary Channels
You can create temporary channels by using the create channel action and then adding a wait x time action and attaching it to a delete channel action.