The usage module contains options that change how your bot operates and how members use your bot.

Bot Commands

Delete Command Triggers

This option when enabled will automatically delete command triggers after a short delay. For example, if a user used the !help command. After a short delay the initial !help message from the member will be deleted.

Respond to @mention

Enabling this option will cause the bot to respond to mentions. This means when the bot is mentioned using @ in your server followed by a command, it will respond as if a normal command was called. Normal prefix commands will still work.

Error Handling

System Error Handling

Enabling this module will cause all system level errors to be logged to a bot. This helps to diagnose problems with the bot which may not have been otherwise obvious.

System Errors Logging Channel

This is the channel that system errors will be logged to. If no channel is selected a channel named System Errors will be created.