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2022 is here! That means more updates! Check out the information below for what's new with BotGhost!!!

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June 2022

Summer updates
It's not June yet! Be patient while the awesome developers bake up some delicious updates!

May 2022

You know the saying "April showers bring May BotGhost Updates!" Woooo!


Check stats, Coin Pair, and Market Info on a specified cryptocurrency! More updates to this module will be released.

NFTs, OpenSea, and Crypto????

In addition to adding crypto tracking you can also track an OpenSea collection slug and set up NFT alerts.

April 2022

It's finally April! Time for Spring Updates!

Permissions Update

Discord has released an update to Application permissions that you can add to your server. We've added a quick tutorial on how to add the permissions as well as a link to the Discord Official page about the update.
Permission to Slash, Granted: Introducing Slash Command Permissions


Yes, it is real, this is not an April Fools prank! The Giveaway module has OFFICIALLY been added!!! That's right, you can now host giveaways on your servers with your BotGhost Bot. Host, Manage, and create your own giveaways!

Bug Fixes

Starting off the month right, The Development Team is continuing to do bug fixes throughout the month! Some major bugs have been fixed, the rest are being worked on.

Docs Updates

Well, the team went through and updated a ton of stuff (we still are updating so this post will be added onto)
  • Better Descriptions to all pages
  • Grammar Fixes
  • More pictures and Diagrams(Still being added)
  • Dark Mode to all pages
  • Matching BotGhost Theme
  • More teeny tiny Easter Eggs
  • BotGhost Art Exhibit

March 2022


Now with BotGhost, you can log everything from someone joining your server to someone boosting your server! Wanna see when a user left a VC? You can log that too! Or what about if a user updates a message? Yep! Deleted message logging too! You can see a full list of what you can log below!

Variables in Status

You can now add certain Variables to your status. The variables are listed below:
Number of servers the bot is in.
Number of users combined in all the servers the bot is Admin in.
How long the bot has been online for.
These are fairly new so they may be buggy! Please report all bugs to our Official Support Server.

More Music Thingzzz...

You can now DM songs you're jamming out to yourself to save for later! But wait that's not all... FILTERS ARE HERE!!! That's right, you can now add filters to your music. Wanna make it sound like you're listening to your car radio? Now you can! Want to blow your headphones out with super loud bass boosting? Now you can! Wanna make it sound like you are at a rock concert? Do we even need to say it!? So many cool new filters, go check em' out now!

Embed Colors

You can now change the colors of multiple BotGhost embeds. Such as the mod logs, embeds, or even the music! Check them out!

More Moderation commands

This month we have added some new moderation commands, you can see the list below:
Get a user's Avatar
Deafen a user
Undeafen a user
Move a user to a different voice channel
Activate slowmode on a specific channel
Kick a user from a voice channel
Mute a user so they cannot speak in a voice channel
Unmute a user so they can speak in a voice channel again (user must be muted)
Some commands may be buggy as they are new, please join our Official Support Server if you need more help!

New Actions!

We have added some new economy actions to spice up your custom commands!
Add Currency
Add a specific amount of currency to a user
Remove Currency
Remove a specific amount of currency from a user
Add an Item
Add an item to a user
Remove an Item
Remove a item from a user
Select Menus
Reply with a select menu

Command Templates

Due to the constant requests and suggestions, we have decided to add command templates! You can now view these in the command builder. There are already a ton of templates and more to be added soon!


Probably one of our most awaited updates is finally out! With conditions, you can create many more complicated commands. You can see a list of our conditions below:
More information
Option Condition
Chance Condition
User Condition
Currency Condition
Role Condition

February 2022

This was a massive month for updates! Thank you all for the suggestions, keep bringing the suggestions!

Server Migration

For the end of the month update, we have migrated servers for better hosting, better uptime, more security, etc.

Beta is now Premium

Beta servers are now premium, all you premium users have fun with those beta features!

Command Editor Updates

You can now delete connections between buttons. Yay, no more deleting entire blocks!

Removed Command

The help command has been removed, this is so you can be creative and add your own help command via. the command builder!

Autoresponder Update

Autoresponders now have a permissions slot if you do not want a certain user to trigger the autoresponder. You can also have it ignore channels and roles! You can find more info on this update with the link below:

New Variables

Have you been bored of the same variables for the past few years? Me too! That is why the Dev team made some new variables for us to use. You can find more info about this via. the page below!

New Actions!

Some new Actions have been added! With custom commands you can now, Delete, Edit, and Create Channels! Send messages after a specific amount of time! And more coming soon!!! Yes! That means you can now create tickets with BotGhost!!! Check the Page below for more info:

New Actions

Create Channel
Delete Channel
Wait x time
Ban a user
Kick a user
Timeout a user
More coming very soon

For our PC Dashboard use this link:

This update will not be able to be used by mobile users

New Payment Options!

We now accept πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Euros! We also now have Apple Pay, iDeal Pay, and some other payment options! You can find all the information in the links below:
BotGhost Documentation
This will take you to our Premium FAQ

January 2022


Discord recently implemented timeouts to discord.js it is basically mute, but without a role!!! Our Development team has implemented it into the new list of commands!!!You can find more information on what Timeouts do by clicking the link below!
Time Out FAQ
This will take you to the Official Discord FAQ Page

Music 2.0

That's right! We have updated our music!!! We are now integrated with Lavalink, so you can now play 24/7 music your way! With music available from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and many other websites there are endless possibilities! You can check out the full music updates with the link below!

Economy Store

The long-awaited economy store is nowhere! You can buy, and create items for your store. With an inventory system, you can buy an item to give you a role and keep it for later, or get an item that does absolutely nothing! Admins can add/remove items from users' inventory, or even take away someone's currency, so you better behave! You can check out a full list of updates on the store with the link below!
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