Role Condition

This condition checks what role a specific user has and compares whether they have it or not.

Run Multiple Actions

This option allows you to set the condition to run multiple actions at the same time. This means if multiple conditions are met, then each true condition will be run simultaneously. When disabled, only the first met condition will be executed.

User Target

This field is where you choose one of 3 user targets you would like the condition to check the roles of.

This type of target will check the roles of the user who triggered the command / event or clicked a button / menu option.


This dropdown menu is where you choose the certain role to compare for the condition. You will be able to select a role option as well under the Command Options section of the list as shown in the image. If your role isn't showing, click the refresh icon next to the Role title.

Click the Add Condition block to add the compared role to your builder.

Click the block on the builder to access the following menu.

Role ID

In this section you can edit the compared role by switching the role ID. Variables may be used this in field or a plain role ID.

Run when the user DOES NOT have this role

This option, when enabled, allows you to run the actions below the selected block when the user does not have the role, instead of running when the user has it.

Here is an example layout of the condition:

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