Set up modmail, an easy way for members to contact staff

Note: This module makes use of the data storage and will use data calls to run. Information about the data storage can be found here.

The modmail module allows users to send a Direct Message to your bot to open a form thread in a form channel of your choice to contact server staff privately, its main use is for reporting users however can be used for anything! You can configure the module on the dashboard by heading to the modules section and finding the 'Modmail' module.


Here you can configure the settings for the modmail module, from changing the DM Messages to selecting the form channel you would like it to be posted in.

Receive Requests: Here you can enable the modmail, disabling this setting will stop users from opening a modmail thread and instead return a closed message when they direct message your bot.

Form Channel: Here you must paste your form channels ID to allow users to open modmail threads, you can create a form channel in your discord server, for a guide on how to get a channel ID you can check here.

DM Message Title: Here you can edit the DM message title which is sent to users upon contacting your bot via DMs.

DM Message Description: Here you can edit the message that is sent to the user upon contacting your bot via DMs.

Ban Command

Here you can configure the modmail ban command which restricts users from opening a modmail thread.

Enable Ban Command: Here you can enable/disable the ability for staff to use the modmail ban command.

Select The Needed Permissions: Here you can change the permissions for use of the modmail ban command, the default value of this is set to Administrator but can be changed to:

  • Administrator - users with the administrator permission.

  • Server Manager - Users with the manage guild permission.

  • Moderator - Users with the manage messages permission.

Ban Message: Here you can set the message that is displayed to a user when they attempt to make a modmail thread after they have been banned from using modmail.


Here you can find both of the commands used for the modmail module and edit them to your liking.

/Modmail-Ban: When triggered this command will restrict a selected users ability to use the modmail system resulting in a ban message being displayed upon trying to open a new modmail thread. Here you can edit the command to your liking or add to the modules functionalities.

/Modmail-Clear: When triggered this command will clear the modmail data for a user allowing them to use the modmail system again, this is useful incase the system breaks and acts as though a user has a thread already open.


Here you can find the main event used for the modmail module and edit it to your liking.

Modmail: This is the main event which detects when a user sends a DM to your bot and starts a thread. Here you can edit the event and customise it to your liking and add onto the pre-existing functionalities of the module.

Warning: It's advised that you do not edit the event & commands unless you have a good understanding of BotGhost and the Custom Event Builder/Command Builder. You can always reset the module to default if you should happen to make a mistake while editing the event or commands.

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