BotGhost Support

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Discord Support Server

Our Discord Server boasts a community of over 150,000 members. Whether you need support with your bot, want to have a nice chat, or want to explore what others create using BotGhost, we are happy to welcome you. Our community members, community support team, and staff are here to help you whenever needed. Additionally, our Premium members and server boosters have the ability to create a private support thread with an extra premium touch for their questions or inquiries. To join our server and access the support resources, click here!

Billing & Subscription Ticket

When you have a question or inquiry related to your (future) premium subscription, billing, or a payment you are about to make, (or made) you can reach out to us by joining our Discord Server. We have a channel where a ticket can be created, and a BotGhost employee will assist you further. Secondly, you can reach out to us at Our team is happy to assist you further.

Support Email

Unsure what support method you should use? Reach out to us at where we can guide you in the correct direction. Our team is happy to assist you further.

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