Create a channel

The Create a channel action when triggered creates a channel of any type within a Discord server. It can be referenced in any action or condition throughout your bot's commands and events. All variables and options can be used in the content of all fields within the block.


The create a channel block also comes with a variable that can be used in later actions or saved in custom variables. This variable can be found at the top of the settings of the block. Here is an example of how it can be used.



This variable will return the ID of the channel. Make sure to replace abcd with the actual 4 unique characters.


This variable will return the channel mention. Make sure to replace abcd with the actual 4 unique characters.


The name of the channel is what's displayed in the channel list, the top of the channel, and any references of the channel.

Note: Name is not compatible with markdown.


The type of channel defines its function and appearance. You can select from a dropdown that will display the available channel types. Below you can find detailed information about each channel type and how it can be used.

A text channel is a basic channel for Discord users to have text conversations with other server members.


This is an optional toggle to choose whether or not to allow NSFW content within the channel. If chosen, the channel will be age restricted to 18+.


This is an optional field, also known as rate limit per user, it allows you to set a slow mode in the created channel for each user unless the user has been bypassed. This field only accepts integers, and variables can be used.


This optional field modifies the topic of the channel. It may be left blank to leave the topic blank. Variables can be used.


Here you can set the ID of the category the channel you're creating is in. You can do this by pasting an ID directly from Discord (learn how here) or using a variable that returns a category ID. These can be easily added through the variable selector by clicking the Clipboard button. You can also leave this field empty to create the channel above all categories.

Optional Server ID

This field is an optional server ID to create the channel in. Leave blank to create the channel in the server the command was triggered in or who clicked a button / menu option. Variables can be used in this field and it must be a plain server ID that is returned.


Click the "+" to attach one or more permissions to the channel the bot is editing. Leave this field blank to have default permissions. Visit this link to learn more about permissions. Clicking the button below will allow you to add permissions to the channel.

Selecting this dropdown type will make this permission based off a role. Once selected a new field will appear for you to be able to choose which role from your server to base the permissions off of. You are also able to select role options from this dropdown.

If your role isn't showing, it was most likely recently added. Click the refresh icon to refresh the list of roles to find the role you want.

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