Voice Mute or Unmute a Member

The Voice Mute or Unmute a Member action block will allow you to mute or unmute the specified user inside of a voice channel, not allowing them to speak or allow them to speak.

Keep in mind the user has to be in a voice channel for this block to work


This field will allow you to specify which user that the bot will be muting or unmuting.

This selection will mute or unmute the user who is triggering the command / event or is clicking a button / menu option.

Mute or Unmute

This selection will allow you to decide if this action of the block will mute or unmute a specified user.

Optional Reason

This field is an optional reason why the bot is muting or unmuting this user. This reason will appear in your server's Audit Log. Variables can be used as well.

Optional Server ID

This field is an optional server ID to search for the user in. Leave blank to find the user in the server the command was triggered in or who clicked a button / menu option. Variables can be used in this field and it must be a plain server ID that is returned.

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