Economy & Minigames

Make your very unique economy and minigame system!

The Economy module will allow you to play minigames and set up a custom currency system, daily bonuses, message awards, and economy roles. You can configure the module on the dashboard by heading to the modules section and finding the Economy & Minigames module.

Economy Settings

Customize the currency name, prefix, or emoji for the currency, daily bonus, bank interest rates, message cooldown, roles, and awards.

Currency Name: Define the name of the currency used in the economy.

Currency Prefix or Emoji: Specify the prefix or emoji for the economy. Whether it is a symbol like '$' or a Unicode emoji like '💵'.

Daily Bonus: Set the amount of currency users should get for the daily bonus.

Bank Interest: Determine the interest rate for money in the bank, which is earned every 24 hours. Limited to a maximum of 5% per day.

Earn Currency for Messages: Enable or disable to allow users to earn currency for sending messages.

Message Award Cooldown: Specify in minutes the cooldown between messages for users to earn currency.

Message Award Amount: Set the amount of currency award per message sent by users.

Economy Role Amount: Specify how much currency should users have to earn a role.

Economy Roles: Select the role(s) that users should earn when they reach the specified criteria above.

Reminder: To add the role, click on 'Add' in the right bottom corner to save your new economy role. Existing ones will appear in the 'Active Economy Roles' field below.


Find the custom commands for the Economy & Minigames module and modify them. This will allow you to fine-tune the commands to your liking and expand existing functions included in the module. You can also enable or disable these custom commands. Editing the logic of the commands requires a Premium Subscription.

Admin Commands

/economy-admin: Allows you to manage the server economy, like resetting a user's balance, managing command cooldowns, or the entire server economy.

/minigame-config: Configure settings for minigames, such as adding emojis for minigames like Blackjack and 5Dice, configuring Blackjack, or adding words for Hangman.

/add-money: Adds a specific amount of currency to the selected user.

/remove-money: Removes a specific amount of currency from the selected user.

/cooldowns: Allows you to view the cooldowns of the commands for this module.

/spare-command: Allows you to create your own minigame, function, or anything Economy-related.

Minigame Commands

/hangman: Play in a classic game of Hangman.

/dicebet: Place bets on a dice roll by selecting the number of sides, your chosen number, and the amount you want to bet.

/blackjack: Try your hands at Blackjack against the bot as the dealer.

/high-low: Test your luck in a game of Higher or Lower.

/tictac: Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe against the selected user.

/5dice: Roll the dice in a game of 5dice.

/rps: Play a game of Rock Paper Scissors with the selected user, allowing you to bet an amount.

/pairs: Exercise your memory with a game of Match Pairs.

/dos: Play a game of Double or Steal with another user, selecting the amount to bet.

Economy Commands

/scratchcard: Purchase scratch cards for a chance to win big.

/shop: Browse and buy items from the economy shop.

/rob: Attempt to steal from another player, but be cautious of getting caught!

/lottery: View, buy, or auto-buy tickets for the daily lottery.

/inventory: View the items in your inventory.

/give-money: Transfer your currency to the selected user and the amount.

/give-item: Share the specified item with the selected user from your inventory.

/fish: Who does not love fishing?

/economy-leaderboard: Check the top 10 users in holdings or bank balances.

/crime: Take the risk of committing virtual crimes for potential rewards.

/daily: Claim your daily bonus.

/bank-withdraw: Withdraw money from your bank account.

/beg: Ask for money with a low risk.

/balance: Check your current currency balance, including holding and bank balance.

/bank-deposit: Deposit money into your bank account to earn interest over time.

/job-status: Check your work statistics.

/stats: Check your economy statistics.

/work: Earn currency through working.

/shop-buy: Buy an item from the shop.


Explore the events within the Economy & Minigames module and customize them to your preferences. This allows you to fine-tune the events according to your liking and needs. You can also enable or disable these custom events. Editing the logic of the events requires a Premium Subscription.

Bank Interest: This event sets the bank interest, triggered with each new message sent.

Economy - Lottery: A timed event triggered daily to handle the lottery within the economy system.

Economy Autorole: This event handles the roles awarded within the economy system.

Currency for Message: This event adds currency to users based on specified criteria.

Warning: It's advised that you do not edit the commands and events unless you have a good understanding of BotGhost and the Custom Event Builder. You can always reset the module to default if you should happen to make a mistake while editing the event.

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