Invite Your Bot

Not able to figure out how you can invite your bot? Below you can find the instructions!

How to invite your bot?

  • We've made it easy to invite your custom bot to across all your servers. First you'll need to head on over to your BotGhost Dashboard

  • Once on the dashboard, on the left hand side of the dashboard menu, locate "Invite" and click on the piece of text:

  • You'll then be redirected to the default discord authorization page. First, select a server in which you want the bot to be invited to:

  • After selecting a server and clicking the "continue" button, you'll have to grant the bot "Administrator" permissions which is required for the bot to function properly. Verify there's a tick next to "Administrator":

  • After clicking "Authorise", you may be prompted to complete a hcaptcha which ensures you're a real human. Click on the "I am a human" button to verify and once complete, you should receive an "Authorized" message meaning you've successfully invited your bot!

How can my friends invite my bot?

  • By default, all BotGhost bots have a default /invite command. In some cases, you may need to enable it. To enable the command, head on over to the Moderation module and scroll down till you see the /invite command. If the toggle is grey, click on it to turn it orange and press "Save Changes"

Do you still have questions after reading this page? Check out our support options here!

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