Moderate your server with a set of powerful commands

The Moderation Module houses a wide range of moderation commands to take control of your server and the safety of this. The moderation module includes the following commands:

CommandShort Description


Ban a user


Unban a user


Mute a user


Unmute a user


Timeout a user


Remove timeout from a user


Softban a user


Kick a user


Warn a user


View total warns user


Clear warns user


Add a role to a user


Remove a role from a user


Report a user


Invite the bot


Get the bots ping


Let the bot say something


Bulk delete 1-100 messages


Get a user's avatar


Deafen a user


Remove deafen from a user


Set slowmode


Move user to a channel


Kick a user from VoiceChat


Mutes a user in VoiceChat


Removes a mute from a user in VoiceChat

How to enable or disable Commands?

In order to enable or disable a command, click on the toggle button that is located next to the command name!

Remember to always save your changes after you enabled or disabled a command!

Moderation commands logging?

You are able to record the usage of any of the moderation commands. By enabling this option any use of the moderation commands will be automatically recorded in a channel named mod-logs. If you want more advanced logging features, you may use the logging module, keep in mind that this module is for premium subscribers only!

How to run the commands?

Below you can find two GIFs with the example on how you can run a slash command from the moderation module!

Note that you may need to change the command permissions to your liking!

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