Beta Features

Are you interested in testing our newest features? Read here how you can turn on beta features!

An active premium subscription is required in order to enable Beta Features.

How to enable beta features?

  • Once you've entered the settings page, scroll down till you see the 'Bot Options' section. Underneath the 'Restart Bot' tab there's an option called 'Enable Beta Features'. Click on the toggle till it's orange to enable beta features for your bot.

What is beta?

Once enabled, your bot will be connected to the BotGhost beta servers and you will get early access to newly released features before anyone else does.

Note: These features are stable but still require user testing so you may experience bugs and lag during use. You can always turn this setting off in case you're no longer interested.

When are beta features announced?

Newly released beta features will always be announced via our Discord server first, but you'll have access to them straight away. You can also report bugs through our #bugs channel in our Discord server and share feedback with our developers!

Warning: As beta features is solely for beta additions to BotGhost, you may experience bugs and performance issues while beta mode is enabled. You can disable beta features at any time via the settings page on the bots dashboard.

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