Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find a couple FAQs that might answer your question quickly!

1. How can I change my prefix?

With the implementation of slash commands, Discord is planning on making Message content a privileged intent, meaning verified bots must apply for access to be able to read the content of a message. As BotGhost is one of the largest bot hosting platforms, we must comply with Discords policies and decisions and therefor shift our development over to slash commands and interactions. Therefore we have decided to remove prefix commands definitive from BotGhost. From now on it's only possible to use '/', slash commands.

2. How to disable 'Integration Require Code Grant'?

1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal, 🔗 2. Select your bot application and click 'bot' in the left menu. 3. Scroll down and disable 'REQUIRES OAUTH2 CODE GRANT'!

3. I can't log in to my account / The dashboard keeps loading.

In order to solve this issue, you'd have to need to clear your browser cache for the BotGhost website. Click on one of the links below to get forwarded to a 'how-to' page matching your current browser. Google Chrome Firefox OperaGX Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Safari

4. How can I use tickets with BotGhost?

We are happy to hear that you want to use BotGhost for your ticket bot! We do offer a really nice ticket module which can be found here! The documentation page for the ticket module can be found here.

5. How to create text or prefix commands?

Text/prefix commands have been removed from BotGhost due to message intent enforcement by Discord. Only slash commands can be made using BotGhost. Prefix commands such as !, ?, etc. can no longer be made using BotGhost. You can read up more on the message intent here: From now on you are only able to use (slash) commands!

Is your question still not answered? Head over to the Support Server page on this website to get all the support methods we offer!

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