Automatically add reactions to messages sent in a channel!

Note: This module makes use of the data storage and will use data calls to run. Information about the data storage can be found here.

The auto-react module can automatically add a reaction to a message that's sent into a channel or channels of your choice. You can configure the module on the dashboard by heading to the modules section and finding the 'Auto-React' module.

Basic Setup

In this portion you can configure the basic settings for the module such as the channel(s) it works in and the emoji(s) it reacts with.

Enabled Channels: Here you can select the channels you wish the auto-react module to work in. Channels not selected here will not trigger the module.

Reactions: Here you can change/add the emoji's you wish the bot to react with when the module is triggered.

You can add custom emojis by copying the emoji ID or by sending the Unicode version of the emoji, you can check out this guide on how to get the emoji IDs.

Condition Setup

Here you can set the more advanced settings such as ignoring embeds, allowing roles, and even checking for words.

Ignore Embeds: Here you can enable/disable the setting that allows or disallows the bot to trigger the module when an embed message is detected.

Allowed Roles: Here you can add roles to limit the modules trigger to users with set role(s). Users without roles listed here will not trigger the module when they send a message.

Check for words: Here you can enter some words that will limit the module from triggering if the message does not contain these words, messages that contain one of the words defined here will trigger the event and automatically be reacted to.


Here you can edit the event of the 'Auto-React' module to customize it further to your linking, simply press on the event and you will be brought into the custom event builder and will be able to edit every aspect of this module.

Auto-React: This is the main and only event for this module, here you can fine tune every setting and even change some key parts of the event.

Warning: It's advised that you do not edit the event unless you have a good understanding of BotGhost and the Custom Event Builder. You can always reset the module to default if you should happen to make a mistake while editing the event.

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