Create Server Invite

The Create Server Invite block is self explanatory and creates a server invite for a specific server.


This dropdown menu is the channel target for the server invite. You will have the three standard options to choose from.

If this type is selected, the server invite will be targeted towards the channel the command / event was run in.

Invite Duration

This field is modifies how long the server invite will be valid (in seconds) for until expiration. The field only accepts integers, 0 being the duration is infinite. Variables can be used.

Max Uses

Similar to the duration field, this field is the number of uses the invite can have until it is unusable. Likewise, it only accepts integers and variables. Having it set to 0 will make the amount of uses infinite.


This dropdown menu represents a temporary kick system. If the user doesn't receive a role in 24 hours upon them joining off the invite created, they will be kicked. You can enable to disable this by making them temporary or not.

Unique Invite

This dropdown menu represents whether the invite is unique or is based off another invite. If the "user a existing invite" is selected, then the bot will create the invite with similar settings based off other invites in that server.

Optional Server ID

This field is where you input a plain server ID to for the server invite to target the channel in. This field can be left blank to target the server of wherever the command / event was triggered in or where a user clicked a button / menu option. A variable containing a plain server ID that has no spaces or extra symbols can be used as well.

Invite Variable

This field is however the variable that returns the server invite URL will be returned. This is similar to the set a unique variable block, so you can name your variable whatever you wish inside {}. You can then use this invite variable in later actions.

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