Reaction Roles

Set up your very own reaction roles system!

Note: This module makes use of the data storage and will use data calls to run. Information about the data storage can be found here.

The Reaction Role module allows you to configure messages that allow users to assign and remove roles by reacting to a message.

Enabling Reaction Roles

This module must be enabled to be used. Click the Enabled button on the top right-hand side of the module page.

Reaction Role Configurations

The Reaction Role module has different configurations which change how roles are given or removed.

Message ID: Here you will need to enter the ID of the message you wish to use as the reaction roles message.

Reaction Emoji: Here you can enter the emoji that is used on the reaction message, this can be discord emojis or custom emojis.

Roles To Add: Here you can select the roles to add to the user when they react to the message.

Roles To Remove: Here you can select some roles the bot should remove when the user reacts to the message.

Restrict To One Reaction: Here you can enable/disable the option to restrict a user's reaction to one reaction at a time.

Remove Reaction: Here you can enable/disable the option for the bot to remove the user's reaction once they have been given the role.

Blacklisted Roles: Here you can select some roles that are unable to use this reaction message. Users with this role will not be able to react to the message as the bot will instantly delete it.

Creating a Reaction Role Message

This option allows you to set up Reaction Roles on a new Rich Embed message/plain text message. To create a Reaction Role:

  1. Send a message to the channel you wish to set the reaction roles up in.

  2. Copy the message ID and paste it into the modules settings, a guide to get message IDs can be found here.

  3. Set the reaction emoji you would like to use, a guide to get a custom emoji's name and ID can be found here.

  4. Select the roles to add to the user when they react to the message & select the ones to remove. (remove is optional)

  5. Configure the optional settings

  6. Hit 'Add'

  7. Add your reactions to the message

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