Post the most liked messages of your server in a special channel!

Note: This module makes use of the data storage and will use data calls to run. Information about the data storage can be found here.

The 'Starboard' module allows you to add a touch of fun to your server by allowing users to vote for the most liked message, the message with the most votes will be featured on a starboard for all to see! You can configure the module on the dashboard by heading to the modules section and finding the 'Starboard' module.


Here you can customise the main settings for the module from the reaction emoji to the starboard embed colour.

Emoji: Here you can edit the emoji that the bot counts as a reaction, you can use server emoji's or basic discord emoji's, When using a custom emoji. Simply just paste the emoji's name into the emoji section. A full guide on finding the emoji name and ID can be found here.

Reactions Required: Here you can set the total number of reactions needed before the message is added to the start board, the default value is set to 10.

Starboard Channel: Here you can set the channel the starboard will be sent to when a message reaches the defined number of reactions set in the 'Reactions Required' setting.

Embed Colour: Here you can edit the colour of the embed message that is sent to the starboard (aka, the starboard). You can add custom colours by taking advantage of the HEX input section.

React to the starboard message: Here you can enable or disable the bot automatically reacting to the starboard message when its posted to the starboard channel. Reactions to this message will not count towards the reaction count defined in the 'Reactions Required' setting.

Delete the starboard message: Here you can enable/disable a setting to make the bot automatically delete the starboard message sent in the defined starboard channel if the original message falls below the required reactions as defined in the Reactions Required' setting.


Here you can configure the channels settings for the module, this includes changing the blacklist type and picking the channels to use this module in.

Blacklist Type: Here you can change the blacklist type from:

  • Enable on all channels except... - this will allow the starboard module to only work in the channels you selected in the section below.

  • Disable on all channels except... - this will allow the starboard module to only work in the channels you have not selected in the section below.

This setting will allow you to fine tune the next section where you can choose different channels from a channel list based from all the servers your bot is in.

Disable/Enable Channels: Here you can select channels from a dropdown list based off of all the servers your bot is in. Depending on the setting you selected above this will work differently (ex. Only work in these channels or only work in channels you did not select).


Here you can customise every aspect of the module, simply head down to the events section and select one of the events to start editing.

Starboard Add: This event is the main function for the starboard and counts all reactions added to the message if they meet the settings as defined in the module.

Starboard Remove: This event will detect when reactions are removed from messages and trigger the 'Delete the starboard message' setting if it is enabled.

Warning: it's advised that you do not edit the event unless you have a good understanding of BotGhost and the Custom Event Builder. You can always reset the module to default if you should happen to make a mistake while editing the event.

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