Command & Event Builder

It's time to create your very own custom command or event, let's show you how it's done!
Hint: Watch this video to find out how to use the command builder or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Command Setup

  • Your custom command starts off in the command builder. To get there, we need to head on over to the Custom commands module. Once there, open up the command builder by pressing the gif with the yellow box!
  • Now we need to configure our command (the name, the permissions etc). To do so, you'll need to edit the "Settings" menu on the right hand screen:
Setting Name
What does it do?
Trigger (Required)
The name of the command (e.g. /help)
Description (Required)
The description of the command that sits underneath the command trigger (name)
Hide/Show bot replies (Required)
If hidden, only the command executor can see the reply. Else, everyone else can.
Cooldown (Optional)
Determines how long a user/server has to wait before using the command again

Step 2: Command Permissions

  • Scroll down on the same settings menu till you see a new section called "Permission Options". You can now configure which permissions and roles are required to use your command and blacklist or whitelist channels.
Settings Name
What does it do?
Allowed roles
Select which roles are required to interact with your command. By default, @everyone is selected. Click on the little "x" icon to remove a role and click the little "+" icon to add a role.
Banned Roles
This does the opposite of the first option as it allows you to select roles in which cant interact and use your command. Click the little "+" icon to add a role and then click the little "x" to remove a role.
Required Permissions
This option allows you to select what server permissions are required in order to interact with your command. Click the little "+" icon to add a role and the click the little "x" to remove a role.
Banned Channels
This option allows you to blacklist (ban) channels from interacting with your command. Simply meaning, you won't be able to use the specific command in that channel.

Group Select

In the command & event builder you are able to select multiple blocks at once to move them, duplicate them and even delete them. This can be done by holding down the 'Shift' key, left-click and dragging over the area you wish to select.

Mass Duplicate

Once you have all blocks selected you can simply press the duplicate button to duplicate all selected blocks, please note, If you press duplicate a second time, it will also duplicate the newly duplicated blocks as they fall into the selected block area.

Mass Deletion

Similar to the Mass Duplicate, you can delete multiple blocks at once. To do this, once you have group selected the blocks, you can simply hit the 'Delete' key to remove all selected blocks from the builder.

Block Labels

When adding blocks to the command/event builder, you will notice every block has a setting called 'Lable'. This will change the name of the block from its default name to something of your choice, this is incredibly handy for pointing out key parts of the command/event if you have a huge one, or if you are working with multiple co-create users.