Guidelines & Privacy

Make sure to follow our guidelines!

BotGhost ToS (Terms of Service)

Whilst using BotGhost, you're always agreeing to follow our Terms of Service. It's very important to follow these Terms at all times while using BotGhost! If you would like to view our Terms of Service, you may view them here!​

BotGhost Privacy Policy

We understand and respect keeping your privacy private. Privacy is very important, that's why we have a whole page dedicated to explaining what kind of information we collect and why! Check our Privacy Policy here!​

BotGhost Market Guidelines

The BotGhost Market is a wonderful and huge place, therefor we have to keep it in-check. Want to know what kind of rules we have and what you have to follow to use the market? Find the BotGhost Market Guidelines here!​

Discord Guidelines

We want to make sure everyone using and interacting with BotGhost follows all of Discord's Guidelines, therefore you are required to follow Discord's Guidelines when using BotGhost. You may find Discord's Community Guidelines here.​

Discord Terms

Just like the Discord Guidelines, we want to insure you follow Discord's Terms as well. Therefor, you're also required to follow Discord's Terms. You may find Discord's Terms of Service here.​