Embed Builder

Create awesome and creative embeds and send them to your server instantly!

The Embed Builder makes it very simple and easy to send multiple embeds to server with no effort! Using the Embed Builder you can send, edit, and maximize customizability!

General Settings

Embed Selector

The Embed Selector lets you choose from all previous / running embeds that have been sent to all servers! Just select which embed you want to edit from the dropdown and get editing right away, taking away the hassle of having to find the message and copy the ID to edit it. Only embeds you've saved using the 'Save Embeds' button will appear here!

The Message Link feature lets you edit embeds without having to re-send the embed, this means all reactions and content underneath it will remain where they are and the message itself with just show as edited. You can only edit messages that are saved in your embed selector, if they aren't there then you wont be able to edit that message.


The channel option is the place that your embed is going to be sent to, simply select the channel you want your embed to be sent to and it'll be sent there.

Embed Content

The Embed Content is the non-embedded - plain - text above your embed. This text will appear as a normal message but will remain connected to your embed, meaning they're apart of the same message. If you want to ping channels, roles, or members above your embed and have them get the notification, you can use <#CHANNEL-ID> for channels, <@&ROLE-ID> for roles, and <@!USER-ID> for members of your server. How to get a Channel, Role or User ID? Click here!

Author Settings


The name of your author, this will appear at the top of your embed, even above your title.


The URL that people will be redirected to after clicking the authors name!

Image URL

The Image URL is the image that will appear next to the authors name. Perfect for adding extra decoration and detail to your embed!

Body Settings


The title of your body, this will represent all of your body's content and will stick out much more than other text, being bold and bigger.


The description of your body can contain much more information compared to the title but comes in more of a smaller size. Better for containing more information than any other option.


The URL of the body is the place where the person will be redirected to when they click the title of the body.


Field Name

The field name is the 'title' of the field, except it doesn't act like all other titles. Your field names won't appear bigger than the field content in any way other than being bold, it'll just be above the content.

Field Content

Your field content is all of the writing you want to appear below the field name, used to organize your fields with information underneath the field name.

Inline Field

The Inline Field option will make fields arranged in a line form from left to right. You must have at least two fields with both Inline's toggled on for them to appear in a line. You can't have more than three fields Inlined with each other.

Inlines only show up on desktop!


Image URL

The Image URL is the image that will appear at the bottom of the embed. This will show as a bigger image compared to the Thumbnail URL!

Thumbnail URL

The Thumbnail URL is a image that will appear in the top right of the embed, this image will be in a smaller form than the Image URL but can appear bigger if the image has the right dimensions.


The content of your footer, this will display at the bottom of your embed with very tiny, yet, noticeable text.

Image URL

An image appearing to the left of your footer, similar to the author image but appears at the bottom near the footer.

Experiencing issues with the embed builder module or do you just need help? Checkout our support options here!

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