Remove Roles

Remove one or more roles from a server member. You can specify role IDs and target members in specific ways.

The bot must have the Manage Roles permission and a higher position than the role you're trying to remove.


This field can specify which ways you would like to target a server member to remove roles. See specifications below.

Select this option to remove the selected roles to the member who triggered the command / event or clicked a button / menu option.

Roles Selector

Click the "+" icon to add roles to select the server roles you want to remove from the user. You are also able to select a created role option from the create a role block. It will show under "Command Options" in the second image below.

If you don't see the role you are looking for, it was most likely added very recently to your server. Click the refresh icon in the top right corner of the image below and it will refresh the selection to find the role.

Additional Roles

In this field you can add additional roles in the form of plain role IDs only. This field is commonly used to add specific role IDs / variables. As the field description states, each role ID or variable must be separated by a comma.

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