Want a nice looking concise giveaway system? The giveaway module will help you set up the perfect giveaway system!

Using BotGhost you can host giveaways for your server. You can manage giveaways from your BotGhost dashboard or directly from your server through a bot command. In the module and in the command you can create/edit or delete any giveaways you want!


Here you can edit all the individual settings to fully customize your giveaway to fit your bot and server the way you want it.

Button text?

This is the text listed on the Button that will be shown directly below the giveaway embed. You can customize this to any message you want!

Participants location?

This is where you will show how many users have joined the giveaway, you can show this in the embedded message or in a button.


The giveaway can only be started/re-rolled with a command. Here is a list of the commands with this module, what they do, and how to use them.

Command list

Command NameCommand Description

/giveaway-start <channel> <prize> <winners> <duration>

Start a giveaway in a specific channel by providing the giveaway information.

/giveaway-reroll <ID>

Re-roll a specific giveaway by using the Giveaway ID.

/giveaway-end <ID>

End a specific giveaway by using the Giveaway ID.

Starting the giveaway?

To start a giveaway, you can use the /giveaway start command. You can then specify what channel to send the giveaway in, the prize for the giveaway, how many winners there will be, and the duration of the giveaway.

Ending a giveaway?

If you decide to end a giveaway early, it's very simple. Just run the following command, /giveaway end followed by the giveaways ID that you can find at the bottom of the giveaway message. A random winner will then be decided.

Re-rolling a giveaway?

Do you need to reroll the giveaway for any reason? No problem, we have the easiest solution for you! Just run /giveaway reroll followed by the giveaway ID.

Extra Information

Giveaway IDs?

You can re-roll or end specific giveaways by using the Giveaway ID, this can be found at the bottom of each giveaway. To re-roll a giveaway the giveaway must be over and a winner has been decided.

Giveaway embed color?

Don't like the current embed color you have for your giveaways? That's fine just head over to the Usage Module and change the "Default Embed Colors" to the color that suits you and your server better!

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