Discord Automod

Manage automod rules using the default system of Discord, and optionally earn the Automod badge!

Note: This module makes use of the data storage and will use data calls to run. Information about the data storage can be found here.

The Discord Automod module will allow you to edit, add and remove rules for your discord server automod through your BotGhost bot as well as give you the method to get the new 'Automod Badge' for your bot. You can configure the module on the dashboard by heading to the modules section and finding the 'Discord Auto-Mod' module.

Basic Settings

Here you can configure the basic settings for the module, this includes allowing roles to set rules, setting a logging channel and more.

Allowed Roles: Here you can select roles which can add/remove automod rules, users without these roles will not be able to remove or add rules.

Logging Channel: Here you can define the channel in which automod logs are sent to, users who get trigger the automod will also trigger a message to be sent to the channel specified here.

Default Moderator Message: Here you can set the default moderator message that is displayed to users who break one of the defined automod rules.

Whitelisted Roles: Here you can define some roles that will not trigger the automod, users with these roles will be completely immune to the automod rules and will not trigger the module.

Whitelisted Channels: Here you can select some channels in which the automod will ignore, messages sent in these channels that would normally trigger the automod will be ignored.

Punishment Settings

Here you can customise the punishments members get when they break one of the automod rules or set it to a set amount of rules to be broken before punishment is given.

Broken Rules Needed: Here you can define the amount of rules needed to be broken by a user before punishment is given.

Punishment Type: Here you can change the type of punishment the bot will give when a user reaches the defined number of broken rules needed to trigger a punishment. You can select from:

  • Timeout Member

  • Kick Member

  • Ban Member

Punishment Length: Here you can change the duration for the 'Timeout Member' punishment option.

Checked Rule: Here you can enter the name of the automod rule the event will issue punishments upon. If you leave the input empty, all automod filters will count!

Send a DM: Here you can enable/disable DMs being sent to the user upon punishment.

DM Message: Here you can edit the message that is sent to users when they have been punished if you have enabled the 'Send a DM' setting.


Here you can edit the command for the module which will allow you to configure every detail of the module. Simply scroll down to the commands section and click on the command, it will bring you to the custom command builder where you can edit the command.

/Discord-Automod: This is the main and only command for the discord automod module, here you can fine tune all settings and change specific parts to your linking.

Warning: it's advised that you do not edit the command unless you have a good understanding of BotGhost and the Custom Command Builder. You can always reset the module to default if you should happen to make a mistake while editing the command.

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