Create a role

Create a new Role in the server. You can choose various modifications to enhance the role or leave some fields blank to be default.

The bot must have the Manage Roles permission in order to create a role.


This field will set the name of the role that the bot will create. Variables can be used in this field.


This field is an optional reason for creating the new role. This reason will show in the audit log of the server that the command / event was executed in. Variables can be used as well.


This field is optional and changes the position of the new role in your server. Leave this blank for default positioning. Positions are all arranged from bottom (default) to top. This field only accepts integers and variables can be used.


This field is optional and changes the color of the role the bot is creating. This field only accepts a HEX format. Server members use the color of the highest position role they have. Variables can be used. Leaving this field blank will make it a default grey color.

Hex format example: #af5555

Display role members separately from online members

This switch controls whether the role is hoisted or not.


This switch will allow anyone to mention / @ this role, even if they don't possess the mention @everyone / @here permission.


Click the "+" to attach certain permissions to the role the bot is creating. Leave this field blank to have no permissions. Visit this link to learn more about permissions.

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