Timeout a member

This action block can be used to timeout a member from a server that the bot has access to.

The bot must at least have the timeout members permission for this block to work and must be above the targeted user.

User ID

This field targets a user ID to be timed out. This can be done by a user id, user option, or variable. Keep in mind the variable has to return a plain user ID with no extra symbols or spaces.


This field modifies the duration of the timeout that the member will be placed upon. The duration follows a specific format that must be inputted correctly. The field describes said format below. Variables can be used in this field as long as it returns the value in the correct format.


This is an optional field. In this field you can input a reason why you are timing-out a member. This reason will be shown in your server's audit log. Variables can also be used in this field.

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