Timed Events

Trigger custom events through schedules and intervals

The timed events module allows users to setup events to be triggered on the specified days/times selected. This is super handy for reminders or other important messages that need to be sent every so often.


Here you can customise the settings for the module, create new events, edit events and more.


The timezone section allows you to specify the timezone you wish the events to trigger in. By default it will be set to your current timezone on your computer/device.

Add a new timed event

Below you can see a image of the event creator. Here you can select the trigger time, trigger day, name and type of event.

Event Type

Here you can select between 'Schedule' or 'Interval'. By default it is set to 'Interval'. Selecting the 'Interval' type will allow you to make the event trigger on a interval (Run events every X amount of seconds, minutes, hours or days. The minimum interval is 10 seconds.) (Green = active Red = Disabled)

Setting this to Schedule will display some new options:

Here you can set the event to tigger every X day(s) at X time. Example, run the event every Monday at 12:00:00PM. (Green = active Red = Disabled)

Active Timed Events

Here you can find all of your created timed events, you will be able to modify each one by clicking on the event.

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