OpenSea Alerts

Receive item sales and listings alerts

Collection Slug

You must add a collection slug for the announcement to work. An example would be

What exactly is a "slug"?

The term "slug" is used to describe a collection of NFTs. For example, if we wanted to find a "Bored Ape Yacht Club" NFT, we would use the slug "boredapeyachtclub." The slug can always be found at the end of the search bar on in the selected collection.
You can find the slug at the end of the collection link.

Select Channel

You can set a selected channel to post the announcements. In the case you do not see any channels you can select, or any new channels you recently made, you can refresh the channel list by clicking the arrow symbol (

Alert Type

You can select the alert to post when a new NFT is out, or when an NFT is sold. Reminder, this only alerts in the selected slug (collection).