Add Roles

Add Roles to a Member

Add one or more roles to a server member. You can use a set role or Role Option. The member can be set or a User option.


Member that will have roles added. This can be one of the following:


Member who used the command

Apply the role to the executor of the command.

Member Option

The member option you want to add roles to. You need to have a user option added to this command.

Member ID

The Discord ID of the user that you want to add a role to.

Member who used the command

Member Option

Member ID


Use this to select the server roles you want to remove from the user. Not seeing roles? Click the refresh button shown below:

Select from the list the roles you would like to add to the user.

Additional Roles

Here you can Add additional roles or variables here. Separate each with commas. (ex. {BGVAR_example}, {BGVAR_example}, 890451406539092019)

The bot must have the Manage Roles permission and a higher position than the role your trying to assign via the bot.

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