Edit a Thread

Edit a thread in your server!

This action cannot be used for forum channels!

Ever wanted your bot to edit a thread? Well, now you can! The Edit a Thread block enables you to do this.

Each edited thread has a unique variable that you can use to reference the thread in your command and can be identified by just looking for {option_edited_thread_xxxx}.


To edit a thread, you need to specify where the thread is. We provide you with 2 options to achieve this:

  • Thread the command was run in.

  • Channel and Thread ID

Thread the command/event was run in

If this option is used, if the channel type is a thread, the action will be run in that channel.

Channel and Thread ID

If this option is used, the thread is located using the channel and thread ID provided. This can accept variables from the data storage module or unique variables.


This is an optional option, and it is the name of the thread that you want to create. You can use variables or options as well.

Auto Archive

This is an optional option, and it is the time in which the thread will auto-archive itself. You can choose from 4 options:

  • One Hour

  • One Day

  • Three Days

  • One Week


An optional option. With this, you can input a reason why you are creating a thread.


An optional option.

Also known as rate limit per user, it allows you to set a slow mode in the thread for each user unless the user has been bypassed.

Moderators Invite*

*This option only shows if the thread type is Private Thread.

An optional option. It allows you to toggle whether a non-moderator can invite other users to the thread.


An optional option.

This is used when you want to lock the thread, meaning that only moderators can send messages if the thread has been locked.


An optional option.

This is used when you want to archive the thread, putting it into an archived state.


You can now access various variables from the created thread and use them throughout your custom command (as long as it is in the same interaction). You can use these variables by just adding them to the end of the {option_edited_thread_abcd} variable, but before the }.

An example to get the name would be like this: {option_edited_thread_abcd.name}.

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