Edit Role

Edit Role

Edit a role in the server. Options and variables can be used for the reason.


Which role do you want to edit. This can be one of the following:


Role ID

A preset role ID to edit.

Role Option

A role option to use.

Role ID

The ID of the role that you want to edit

Role Option

The role option to edit


The new name for the role you want to edit. Leave this blank if you don't want to change the name.


An optional reason for editing the role.


The position of the new role. Leave blank for default positioning. This goes from Down to Top.


The color of the edited role. Members use the color of the highest role they have on the roles list. This is in Hex Format

Display role members separately from online members

Whether or not to hoist the role. (making it show on the right column of your server)


Allow anyone to @mention this role.


Add Permissions for this role. The role will start with no default permissions.

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