Buttons are interactive components that render in messages. They can be clicked by users, and send an interaction to your bot when clicked. All corresponding blocks under the button will execute.

Button Text

The following field can be used to set the text that the button should display:

Example of what they would see:

Emoji ID

You can specify a custom emoji id or default emoji to add to the emoji along with the normal button text. To do this you need to use the backwards slash then input your emoji. It will return the emoji id if it's a custom or if it's default just copy the emoji and paste it into the field.

Button Style

The button style allows you to select the color of the button, or mark it as a link button.

Action Button






You can choose the color of the button along with a separate option of it being a link. Simply input a URL in the field that is shown. Link buttons are only gray and aren't able to be disabled or have a cooldown. Also if the link style is chosen then you can't connect any blocks to the link button.

Disable button after use

Disabling a button means it cannot be used anymore when a certain action disables it. If the link style is not chosen, you will have an option of disabling the button. By default, buttons won't be disabled until you configure it to "Yes".

When you select "Yes", 3 new fields will appear.

Clicks Required

This is the amount of clicks required to disable the button.

Disabled Text

This is the text of the button that can be optionally changed after the button is disabled.

Disabled Style

This is the color of the button after it has been disabled.


Buttons have a cooldown field as well. A button cooldown is when a user clicks a button, they won't be able to click it again until a set amount of time passes. By default this field is disabled. To have a cooldown you select "Enabled".

Once Enabled, two new fields will appear:

Cooldown Type

You can select whether the cooldown is global, meaning it affects everyone. So everyone would have to wait until the cooldown is over. You can also select User, so the cooldown is per user.

Cooldown Duration

This is the duration in seconds that the cooldown will be active for.

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