Send an error log message

Trigger an error message. This message will either be handled by the error handler or sent to the bot's error logs.

The Send an error log message action once triggered will send a an error message to the error handler to be dealt with or will be sent directly to the bots error logs. Here you can add custom descriptions to really provide information about the error that has been detected.


Here you are able to customize the action block, by filling out each section you can send fully custom error logs to the error handler or directly to your bots error logs.

Module: Here you can enter the module the error message has been sent from. (Ex. Timeout Command)

Action: Here you can add a description of the action that failed to complete. (Ex. Timeout user)

Reason: Here you can provide a reason for why the action failed, this is important to be able to convey the correct information over to the error handler or the bots error logs page.

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