Set a unique variable

Set a unique variable for every execution of this command or event. This variables value will not persist after the command or event has finished executing.

The Set a unique variable action block will allow you to create and store data for the commands execution, upon finishing the command cycle the variable and all data stored inside will be deleted. This can be incredibly useful for storing IDs and using them after another button press/selection from a select menu.


Here you can setup the variable by choosing the name and data you wish to store in it.

Variable: Here you can set the name for the variable, spaces are replaced by a underscore the same way they are in the Data Storage module.

Value: Here you can set the data to be stored in the variable which you can call at a later point in the command execution. All variables can be used here just like a regular data variable.

Unique Variable: Here you can find the unique reference variable which you can use to display the data stored in this variable, you can also use this as a reference in a comparison condition or other action blocks which allow the use of variables.

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