Make your very own economy system in your Discord server!
Please note. The economy module is server-specific, which means that all BotGhost bots within a server will share the same economic statistics.
Your BotGhost bot comes pre-built with a fully-fledged discord economy. Members will be automatically assigned currency whenever they send a message. You are able to set the name of your economy, the currency it uses, how many points/currency the member gets per message and the cooldown between awarding points.

Enabling economy?

You must enable the economy module for it to be active. Click the Enable button on the top right-hand side of the module page to activate your economy.

Setting up your economy?

You are able to change and customize different aspects of your economy. All these settings are located at the top of the Economy Module page in your dashboard.

Currency Name

This is the name of the currency that your economy uses.

Currency Icon

The icon of your economy. This can be a symbol such as $ or a discord emote such as

Points per message

How much currency or points to give to a member for each message.

Currency cool downtime (minutes)

The amount of time between allocating points for each message member posts.

Economy Roles

You are able to set up roles that will be automatically assigned to users when they surpass a certain level of currency.
To add an economy role click the Add button next to Economy Roles.
This will bring up a new window to add a new role. Specific the role's name and how many points are required for this role. When a accumulates this much currency, they will be automatically promoted to the role you specified.
Remember to save any changes you make!

General economy commands?

Gives money to a user from your balance
An admin only command that adds currency to another users balance.
An admin only command that removes currency from another users balance
Claims your daily bonus
Displays the server economy leaderboard.

Economy store?

To set up your store it's quite easy, all you need to do is enable the module from the BotGhost Dashboard.

Editing your store?

You can create items for your user to buy, from roles to bananas! To edit your store you can use the commands listed below or by accessing your dashboard and creating some items there.
Default User Level
/shop view <page>
View the Bot's Store
/shop item <item>
Get the description and other information of an item in the shop.
/buy <item>
Buy an item from that bot's store.
/giveitem <user> <item>
Give another user something from your inventory.
/inventory view <page>
Check out your inventory.
/inventory item <name>
Get the description and other information of an item in your inventory.
Use an item from your inventory.
/add-item <user> <item>
Give a server member an item from your store. (Admin Only)
/remove-item <user> <item>
Remove an item from the user's inventory. (Admin Only)

Economy roles?

You can add a role to a user for making it to a certain economy goal.
When a user gets to $1000 they get the High Roller role.
How do I add a role?
Adding an economy role to your BotGhost Bot is simple. You need to create a role you would like to add to the user, make sure the bot's personal role is above the role you wish to add, and then add the role in the dashboard.
Adding Roles to the Dashboard
All you need to do is head over to the Economy Module, scroll down to the Economy Roles area and click on the "+" icon. If you cannot see your roles refresh the list by clicking the circular arrow icon.
Remember to refresh your guild menu if you cannot see your channels and/or roles!