Have your very own leveling system to sort members from how much they chat!

EXP Rate

You can edit the rate at which user's gain experience per message to eventually level up. The EXP Rate can go as low as 1x and as high as 5x EXP per message.

Level Up Announcements

Level Up Announcements will announce in a channel when a member has leveled up in your server!

Announcement Channel

You can set the level up announcement to appear in the channel in which the user leveled up, or no message at all.
Announcement Message
You can customize your announcement message for when a user levels up. You can also make multiple messages, and view the active messages.
Example: "{member} you have reached {level}!"
Message Variable
This will mention the member that has leveled up. {user} will not work with the level module
This will show the new level of the user.
You can find the rest of the variables here.
EXP Roles
You can set up EXP Roles for when a user gets to a certain level you can reward them with a new role! You can set a level requirement and then the role.
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