Want to play a fun game of trivia? You can do so with this module!

The Trivia module allows your members to compete in a game of trivia. The module consists of over 10,000 questions sourced from a wide range of categories!

How to play

To begin a game of trivia, use the /trivia start command to begin a game. Tell anyone who wants to join to use the /trivia join command. To start the game once everyone is joined use the start command once again.

This will begin the game. A question will appear and answer with a corresponding emote. React to the message with the emote which corresponds to the correct answer. Only your first reaction counts!

Enabling Trivia

This module must be enabled to be active. Click the Enable button on the top right-hand side of the module to activate.

Editing Triggers and Permissions

You can edit the triggers and permissions of any individual command. Click on the commands box to edit these as shown in the image below.

Trivia Commands



/trivia start

Starts a new game of trivia. Once people have joined use the command again to begin the game

/trivia join

Joins an active game of trivia.

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