You can find the latest updates and bug fixes for BotGhost on this page.

Modals out of Beta Only - March 20th 2023

The new modal - 'Send a Form' - action for the command and event builder is now out of beta and can be used by all members.

Release Modals (Form) Action - March 10th 2023

A new 'Send a Form' action has been added to the beta server. This action lets you build a form (modal) and collect and use user responses. Use the new Form builder to add and edit inputs to your form and then use the associated variables throughout other actions and variables. Any changes to your form will be reflected live in the Form preview.
Important to note: Forms must be the first reply to an interaction. You are unable to link a Form action to the tree if a reply has already been sent to that interaction. An interaction occurs when either:
  • A command is used
  • A button is clicked
  • A select menu option is selected
As this update changed a lot of back end logic for the command and event builder, please report any bugs directly in this forum post:
This update is currently in beta only.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - March 1st 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Twitch announcements to not announce for some users.
  • Added the /volume command to the dashboard. Previously it would show in Discord but not in the Music module on the Dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the builder to crash when deleting multiple blocks containing a condition or button action.
  • Implemented a compression system that should reduce the size of large bots. This in turn should reduce the occurrence of 'Network Error' save fails.
  • Fixed a bug that caused event variables to no longer work after a button or select menu interaction.
  • Variables can now be used in the targeting fields for the Currency Condition
  • Changed the Currency conditions value field to a text input so that variables can be used.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to connect children blocks to their parent. You can't make loops stop trying 😡 .
  • Added the {server_owner_id} variable.
  • Fixed some styling issues on the home page for mobile.

Changes Data Storage module and Migration to Global Commands - February 22th 2023

• Free Users Data Storage Changes - Simplified the way data storage usage is tracked and used for free users. In the new system, creating or interacting with a variable will use 10 storage calls. Free users now have a maximum usage of 1000 calls. Calls are reset at the start of each month (and have been reset today). Users with any paid subscription still have unlimited usage.
• Migration to Global Commands - Migrated all commands to the global command system. Previously, commands were server specific due to limitations which made global commands take around an hour to update. This should have no effect on smaller bots, however larger bots should now see command changes roll out across servers near instantly.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - February 14th 2023

  • Fixed a bug with the {user_status} variable that would cause it to return null or an error when the user is offline.
  • Buttons after the first row that should be disabled should now disable correctly.
  • You no longer have to have created a bot to be able to access and work on cocreator bots.
  • The usage limit of 500 is now active for non-premium members. A paid subscription is required to remove this limit. You will not be able to set the value of any variables if you do not have a paid subscription and go over the 500 usage limit. Members with a paid subscription do not have any limit. Usage is account-wide.
  • Messages in DMs should now be deleted correctly when deleted by a Delete a Message block.
  • Variable targets in the DM block should now work for embeds
  • {event_reason} should now work correctly in the ban event.
  • Variables in the User ID targeting field for Custom Variable conditions should now work correctly.
  • Updated the YouTube module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.
  • Updated the Twitch module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.
  • Updated the Reddit module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.
  • Child options of select menus will now be deleted when the parent action is deleted.
  • Beta features should now show correctly when using co-create if the bot you are working on has beta enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Button messages sent in a newly created channel could not be pinned or deleted.