Changelogs 2023

You can find the latest updates and bug fixes for BotGhost on this page, as of 2023.

New Module: Invite Tracker - December 22nd, 2023

We are introducing a new module today, that helps you track how many new users your members have invited to your server.

You can customise various settings, such as sending a message/DM every time a user is invited, blacklisting users, filtering suspicious invites, giving out role rewards, and changing the behavior of the commands. The module will also automatically check for your existing invites and will import them to your invite counts.

This module is available for both free and premium users.

IFTTT Integration - December 20th, 2023

We have just released the ability to connect your discord bot to IFTTT. IFTTT Allows you to connect over 700 different services to your Discord Bot through applets and connections. In BotGhost you can both trigger custom events through outside services on IFTTT or trigger actions on IFTTT through the new IFTTT Action block.

Linking IFTTT to BotGhost

To get started with IFTTT you must first link your IFTTT account to your BotGhost account. To do so head over to the BotGhost IFTTT page and click Connect to begin this process. This will prompt you to log in and redirect you to the BotGhost dashboard where you must give permission to link your BotGhost account to IFTTT. Click Authorize to confirm the BotGhost x IFTTT link.

IFTTT Applets

Applets are the backbone of IFTTT. Applets use a customizable script to link two or more apps that normally remain separate. Within BotGhost, we use IFTTT Applets to either trigger custom events or trigger other service actions on IFTTT.

Action Block Triggered (IFTTT Triggers)

The Action Block Triggered IFTTT Trigger executes an Applet when an Execute an IFTTT Trigger action block in a custom command or event is run. For example, you could trigger a tweet from a custom command, change your apartment lights, or post a new photo to Instagram.

Trigger a Custom Event (IFTTT Actions)

In IFTTT actions are the result of an Applet. They are what are run when triggered by an IFTTT trigger. In BotGhost, the IFTTT Action is the execution of a custom event. This allows you to trigger custom events when something outside of BotGhost happens. For example, you could send notifications of going live on Twitch and Kick or get weather alerts as soon as they happen.

Subscription for IFTTT

The basics of IFTTT are available for free. Do you want to use all of the features of IFTTT, you can upgrade at

BotGhost IFTTT Page:

November - December Module Updates - December 16th, 2023


The Starboard module has been updated. The update includes:

  • Better attachments and embeds handler. Embeds and attachments are now listed in the fields of the message posted in the Starboard channel

  • You can now starboard a message that has been sent in the starboard channel

  • Minor changes as well as some fixes


We also made the following smaller changes to the ChatGPT module:

  • Errors are now handled better, in a more user-friendly and simple way

  • The GPT-4-1106 Preview model is available to use, which is a cheaper model of OpenAI, and has knowledge up to April 2023

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Delete Message by ID, Create Server Invite Action & Interaction Variables - December 7th, 2023

Delete Message by Id

You can now delete specific messages by their ids using the Delete Message action. You will need to provide a channel id also so that the message can be found.

Create Server Invite Action The create server invite action allows you to create a server invite to a channel. You can specific the maximum age in seconds, uses, whether to create a unique invite and whether users should be kicked after 24hours if they do not receive a role. You can also specify a variable to use the invite url in other actions.

Interaction Id & Token Variables We have added {interaction_token} and {interaction_id} variables which you can use in API requests.

New Premium Module: Media Channels - October 31st, 2023

We have created a new utility module with our module creation system, that lets you set up image-only channels across your server!

The module allows you to either choose a text or a forum channel during the setup, which will restrict users to only send messages containing images to the channel.

You can set up a slow mode across all your media channels, choose the allowed media types/file extensions, maximize the number of images that can be sent, allow GIFs, and set up additional filters.

The module is now available for all premium users

New Premium Module: Temporary Voice Channels - October 30th, 2023

We are releasing a new module today, which allows your server members to create their personal, temporary voice channels.

You will be able to select a voice channel to use as a hub, which people will need to join to have their own channels. Once all users leave a temporary voice channel, it will be deleted automatically.

Additionally, you can also configure the channel's name, user limit, and bitrate, the time until a channel is deleted, whether the channel should be locked or not, and various other permission-related settings.

The module is now available for all premium users to use.

Free Bot Database Usage Changes + Bug Fixes - October 25th 2023

  • We have changed the way data storage usage is calculated and used across bots.

  • Usage is now being changed to Free Usage and is only used by non-premium bots.

  • Non-premium bots will have 5000 database usage to use every month that is shared across all your non-premium bots.

  • Updating and creating a variable on a free bot still uses 10 database usage.

TLDR: Only free bots use Data storage usage now 5000 Shared across your free bots Premium bots have unlimited usage still Free usage resets on the 1st of every month.

Bug Fixes

  • Vars can now be used in the topic of the create channel block

  • Vars can now be used in the emoji id of buttons

  • Removed the options connector from event nodes

  • Vars can now be used in the hex of the edit role action

  • hasRole and isChannel variables have been added to the variable selector

  • You can now disable premium modules after your premium subscription has expired

  • Fixed the description of the Add/Remove currency blocks

  • Fixed some docs links Fixed the wording of the command/event importer

  • You can now no longer save the Set Variable/Run equation blocks without first selecting a variable

  • Fixed a bug that caused form inputs to return the variable only when a user closes the form without submitting, and then reopens the form and submits.

New Module Rework: Leveling - October 23rd 2023

We have updated the levels module using our new module creation system. The module is now called Leveling. This module will allow you to create a fully customizable leveling system for your server with role rewards, voice experience, and much more!

The new module includes a lot of new features and improvements, including a better level-up message setup, a custom rank card, voice XP, role boosts, a reworked leaderboard within your server, and much more!

This module is available to all users immediately.

Polls Module - October 17th, 2023

We are introducing a new utility module today, Polls. You can use this module to post questions to your server members with pre-defined options, and let them vote on the topic.

The module contains various customization settings as well, you are able to show/hide the author, set up the embeds style, configure emoji reactions, use single or multiple-choice modes, and modify other permission-related settings.

Deleting + Editing Ephemeral Replies & Bug Fixes - October 4th 2023

Deleting and Editing Ephemeral Replies

You can now delete and edit ephemeral (hidden) replies to interactions. This is done the same way as you would edit or delete any other message in the builder. Ephemerals can only be edited in the 'same interaction', meaning you can't edit a command reply with the click of a button.


  • You can no longer duplicate an API action with the same name.

  • The market has been updated with the newer actions

  • Fixed the {Event_channel_parent_id} variable in voice events

  • Fixed a rounding error in the {solve_equation} variable (now rounds to two decimal places)

  • The test request timeout is now the same as the timeout of live requests

  • Reaction events are now no longer triggered by bots

  • Conditions with multiple conditions enabled now run at the same time

  • Removed redundant variables from the status module

  • Fixed a bug where the input of the title in the embed builder would freeze if the text went over 256 characters

  • Variables can now be used in the emoji_id input of buttons

  • Channel options can now be used in the Purge block

  • Double quotes are now escaped by the escape_characters variable

  • Added newer Discord Permissions

  • Messages related to logging events are now truncated if they go over 1024 characters.

  • Fixed a bug with the purge block if you set the message count to 100

  • Fixed some descriptions of action blocks in the builder

These fixes + new additions are currently on the beta server only.

Timed Events Out Of Beta - September 13th, 2023

The Timed Evens module is now out of beta and available to all users. You can access the module here:

Timed Events - September 8th 2023

We have released a new addition to the beta servers: timed events.

Timed events allow you to trigger custom events at certain times during the day or on a consistent interval. Interval Timed Events Interval-timed events are triggered every set amount of seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

You are able to enable and disable certain days for interval events to run on.

Scheduled Timed Events

Scheduled timed events run at exact times throughout the day. You are able to enable and disable certain days for scheduled events to run on.


A timezone dropdown has been added to allow you to easily schedule your timed events for your timezone. On the first load of the Timed Events page, the dashboard will automatically set the timezone to your computer's timezone.

Linking a Timed Event to a Custom Event

Once you have added a timed event, create a new custom event and select the timed event you made from the custom event type dropdown.

New Premium Module: Roblox Verification - September 6th 2023

This module allows you to implement a Roblox account verification system for your Discord server.

Users can receive a role on verification and/or have their Discord name changed to their Roblox name. Once a user has verified, they will be able to use the /roblox-profile command, which will allow them to show off their profile and view the Roblox groups they are a member of.

The module can be accessed by premium users only

New Premium Module: Global Chat - September 4th, 2023

We have released a new module to the dashboard, Global Chat. The module allows you to link messages between multiple text channels, using webhooks or messages sent by your bot.

You can configure whether the message should be a webhook or a bot message, the message details, blacklisted words and roles, cooldowns, reactions, and other useful settings.

Use the /globalchat-setup command to enable the module for new channels. You can also access additional commands to disable channels, blacklist users and delete messages globally.

The module can be accessed by premium users, both on the beta and regular servers.

Updates -> Out of Beta - September 4th 2023

The loops + small additions from August are now all out of beta and can be used by all users.

Buttons and Select Menus Rework, Loop timeout field, Keep Components, Delete Variable additions, New Variables & Bug fixes - August 31st, 2023

Buttons & Menu Options Replies + Emoji Buttons

We have changed the way buttons and menu options respond and work on the beta server. Buttons and menu options will now no longer trigger the 'thinking...' response when clicked or selected. This means you can have interactions that trigger no response at all if you wish. We have also finally added emoji buttons. You can specify a custom emoji id or default emoji to add to the emoji along with the normal button label.

Loop Timeout field

On release, we set a 1-second default timeout between loop iterations. We have now instead added a loop timeout field to loops which lets you specify the timeout between loop iterations. The minimum is 100 ms and the maximum is 10 minutes.

Keep Components on Edit Message

We have added a keep components option to the 'Edit another reply action' for all reply actions. This lets you keep the buttons or select a menu of messages you edit with other reply actions.

Delete All values for Delete Variable

A Delete all option has been added to the Delete Variable block for User and Channel-specific variables. This lets you clear all values of user and channel variables.

New Variables

New {randomCharacters(10)} and {isNumber(10)} variables have been added. randomCharacters generates up to 100 random characters and isNumber returns true or false if the given string is a number or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the variable change event that caused successive different variable changes to only trigger the first variable that was changed.

  • Fixed a bug with large numbers (discord ids) being rounded up when being used in conjunction with collection variables.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the variable change event not to trigger when the variable change was caused by another event.

These changes are only available on the beta server at this time.

Loops - August 29th 2023

We have released a new Loop action to the beta servers. How it works Loops allow you to repeat connected actions and conditions a set amount of times. You can change the number of times a loop is run by setting the loop count with a number or variable. Actions and conditions connected to the Loop X Times block will then be run that many times. Once the loop has finished actions and conditions connected to the 'After Loop' block will be run like normal. Loop Variables Loop actions have two unique variables that can be used inside loops:

  • {loop_count} - Returns the current loop count. Starts at 1.

  • {loop_index} - Returns the current loop index. Starts at 0 and is useful for when looping through collections.

Looping Through Collections

Loops are especially useful when combined with collections. By specifying the loop count as the length of a collection, you can easily loop through the values of a collection/array by using the new {loop_index} variable and the valueAtPosition variable. Stop a Loop Action Loops also have a unique Stop a Loop action that can be run to stop any running loop. You can use this action with conditions to conditionally stop a loop. Limitations We have put some limitations on loops to discourage abuse of the system:

  • Loops have a timeout of 1sec between each loop.

  • You can not run loops inside of loops

  • A max loop count of 1000 exists

These limitations may change as we monitor how people are using loops.

Status Change & Purge Messages Action, API text response variable [Out of beta] - August 28th 2023

The new actions and API text variable are now out of beta and can be used by all members.

Status Change & Purge Messages Action, API text response variable - August 17th 2023

We have added two new actions and a new API variable to the beta servers

Status Change Action The status change action allows you to change the status and status type of your bot through the command and event builder. This action can only be used on premium bots.

Purge Messages Action The purge messages action lets you purge up to 100 messages in a channel.

API Text Response Variable We have added a small helper variable to API responses that returns the entire API response in text form. This can be useful for debugging responses from API endpoints.

Custom Variable Change Event, Voice Channel Events and New Variables Update - August 4th 2023

  • Custom Variable Change Event A new event has been added that is executed whenever the value of a custom variable is set. The event executes on a 1 second delay and has the old and new values, variable name, specific user/channel id and variable reference as event variables.

  • Voice Channel Events The voice channel join, switch and leave events have been added.

  • New Variables A {getRankOfUser(BGVAR_variable)} has been added which returns the rank of a specific user using a number variable. A {previous_numbers(10)} variable has also been added which returns all preceding numbers of a given number all the way to zero.

  • voiceChannelSwitch a custom event when a user switches the voice channel they are currently in

All events and variables are now out of beta and available to everyone.

Custom Variable Change Event, Voice Channel Events and New Variables - July 26th 2023

We have added some new events and variables to the beta server. These additions are currently on beta only

  • Custom Variable Change Event A new event has been added that is executed whenever the value of a custom variable is set. The event executes on a 1 second delay and has the old and new values, variable name, specific user/channel id and variable reference as event variables.

  • Voice Channel Events The voice channel join, switch and leave events have been added.

  • New Variables A {getRankOfUser(BGVAR_variable)} has been added which returns the rank of a specific user using a number variable. A {previous_numbers(10)} variable has also been added which returns all preceding numbers of a given number all the way to zero.

  • voiceChannelSwitch a custom event when a user switches the voice channel they are currently in

Webhook Module Maintenance - July 25th 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have temporarily disabled Webhook events while we perform essential performance updates. This change is necessary to address recent rate limits. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Update - July 25th 2023: Great news! The Webhook module is now re-enabled and ready to use, performing better than ever before!

Small Updates - July 19th 2023

  • Changed the botRestart event to only fire when the bot is actually restarted (not on update)

  • Added a botUpdate event that fires when the bot is updated through the dashboard

  • Added an additional roles field to the add and remove roles actions. You can use variables in this field.

  • Added a 'Set a unique variable' action which allows you to set and create a unique variable for every execution of an action or event. This is a command or event unique variable.

  • Added {solve_equation[1+1]} variable. Returns the result of the equation within the square brackets.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - July 18th 2023

The following bug fixes have been implemented:

  • that are stored in a custom variable now create a new line.

  • Currency actions now accept a User ID as a target.

  • Warnings moderation command reformatted.

  • Username fix on ticket.

  • Market UI Fixes and Improvements.

  • Error logs table on mobile now scrolls side to side.

  • Dropdown fixes on iOS.

  • Rewording to make things more clear.

  • Users now cant interact with of the disabled content/dropdowns/buttons/inputs if the module is disabled/a module that they need premium for.

  • Updated the random response to show the limit, and the button becomes disabled if they have reached it.

  • Automod whitelist and blacklist commands prefix fixed.

  • Embed builder errors, if there is only a space in the body of the embed.

  • Fixed button embed body text area, when you clicked on a variable it did not populate from the variable editor.

  • Various UI improvements and fixes.

Discord Automod - July 18th 2023

A new module has been added to the dashboard with our module creation system, Discord Automod. The module allows you to add new rules to the built-in automod system of Discord.

Additionally, you can set up custom punishments that will trigger when a user breaks a set amount of rules. You are able to set up punishment types that Discord's default system doesn't offer, such as custom timeout lengths, kicks and bans.

Upon creating 100 rules with the bot, your bot will also receive the "Uses Automod" badge. This module is available to all users immediately.

Starboard - July 17th 2023

We have released a new module using our new module creation system: Starboard. The starboard allows you to highlight and post the most liked messages in your server to a special server. You can fully configure the module to your liking including the emoji used, amount of reactions required, starboard channel, colors and more. You may also whitelist or blacklist certain channels for the starboard. This module is available to all users immediately.

Webhook Events & Server Join Event - July 5th 2023

We have added two new event types to the beta servers Webhook Custom Events and the Server Join Event. Server Join Event The server join event is triggered whenever your bot joins a new server. This event has no variables however you can use the default variables to access information about the server. Webhook Custom Events Webhooks are an advanced feature that allow you to trigger custom events whenever something happens outside of BotGhost. This essentially allows you to hook up external services to your BotGhost hosted bot. This is done through sending a POST HTTP request to the internal BotGhost API that will trigger a linked custom event. The process for setting up and using webhooks is the following:

  1. Create a Webhook. Head over to the new webhooks module and create a new webhook. This will give you a unique URL which you will need to send your POST request to. On this page you can also generate and see your API key which you must pass as an Authorization header with your request.

  2. Create a Custom Event. Once you have made a webhook you can create a custom event the same way as any other event. When selecting the event type, select your newly made webhook from the dropdown. You can then configure your event like normal. This event will be triggered when the BotGhost API receives a POST request to that webhook's URL.

  3. Send your POST request. When you are ready you can now send a POST request to that webhooks URL. You must pass along your API token as an Authorization header. Please read the webhook documentation and API reference for more information on how to setup your POST request. If all is done correctly your custom event should be triggered and you should receive a 200 response from the botghost API.


Reaction Roles Update - June 28th 2023

We have updated the reaction roles module using our new module creation system. The module now uses the command builder and a slot system to add custom events with unique configurations.

The old reaction roles module has been depreciated and will be hidden to new users or users who have not enabled the module. If you are currently still using the old system the module will still show until you disable it. You are able to use both the new and old systems at the same time.

New Events and New Variable - June 27th 2023

We are happy to announce the addition of four new events to the event builder: When a thread is created When a thread is updated When a thread is deleted When the bot starts or is restarted In addition, we have also added a new variable called {bot_id}. Using this variable returns in the Discord ID of your bot. This variable can be used in the API Request action. Both of these additions are currently in beta. With an active premium subscription, you can enable the beta features in your settings menu of the BotGhost dashboard (

Activity requirements free bots - June 16th 2023

We have changed the way activity is checked for on free bots. Free bots will now be turned offline if a command (or button/select menu) is not used at least once every 7 days. If your bot goes offline you can of course turn your bot back online at any time which will reset the activity tracker. This is due to a recent surge in bot creation which has led to increased strain on the servers. This change does not affect premium bots which have no activity requirements. Thanks all.

Auto-React - June 15th 2023

We have released a new module using our new module creation system. This module will automatically add reactions to new messages sent in a channel or channels. The module also has settings to ignore embeds, set whitelisted roles and check for certain words.

As this uses our new module system premium users can edit the logic of the event behind this module. Free users can edit the settings of individual blocks inside the event.

Collections [Out of beta] - June 5th 2023

The collections update is now out of beta and can be used by all users. If you have any suggestions or come across any bugs please report them in their respective channels in our Discord server,

Collections - June 1st 2023

We have added a new data storage type to the beta servers: Collections. Collections (arrays) are a special data type that allow you to store a group of text or numbers. Collections consist of an ordered list using numbered positions starting from 0 to access specific items. Collections can be global, server specific, channel specific or user specific. Some examples of collections or arrays:

  • [1,2,3,4,5]

  • [hello, one, two, three]

  • []

  • [warning 1, warning 2]

  • [giveaway entrant 1, giveaway entrant 2]

Set Variable Options Collections have specific operations within the Set a Variable action block. These operations manipulate the collection in a certain way:

  • Push value to front

  • Push value to end

  • Remove first value

  • Remove last value

  • Set value at position

  • Remove value at position

  • Remove value in collection

  • Clear collection

Collection Variables Collections also have their own specific function variables:

  • {lowestValue({array})}

  • {highestValue({array})}

  • {lengthOfCollection({array})}

  • {valueAtPosition({array}),[2]}

  • {positionOfValue({array}),[hello]}

  • {collectionCharacterLength({array})}

  • {getRandomFromCollection({array})}

  • {printAllValues({array}),[hello]}

Disclaimer: Collections are intended to be used in much more complex systems by our more knowledgeable users. Collections will also form the backbone for many soon to be released custom modules and reworked old modules. We ask that before asking for support you watch some videos about arrays/collections and how they are used and test out collections for yourself.

View collection docs

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - May 24th 2023

  • Fixed the Free Premium Twitter system

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to delete the error handler using multi select

  • Fixed a bug that disabled the options condition if you had only one conditioned added

  • Removed an empty option in the button settings

  • Removed the redundant music embed color settings

  • Fixed the category selector for the ticket category

  • Changed the server redirect in the Dashboard

  • Added a warning when trying to send a button in DMs when using 'the user' option.

  • Updated the premium table to reflect recent changes

  • Fixed select previews in the logging module

  • Fixed the reddit module

  • Fixed a bug that caused the statistics module to not create Member Count channels on new bots

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Automod commands

Verification - May 16th 2023

We have released a new module to all users: Verification. The Verification module allows you to easily verify new server members using either a Captcha image, Number generator or a basic button. Once users pass verification, they are given a specified verified role which you can configure in the module. Run the /verification-setup command to setup a verification panel in a channel. New users will have a certain amount of time and verification fails before they are automatically kicked from the server.

This module uses our new custom module system meaning all commands and events are completely customizable. Feel free to edit the module's commands and events in the builder. If you make a mistake you can always reset the module back to its default settings.

Sticky Messages - May 11th 2023

We have released a new module to all users: Sticky Messages. Sticky messages allow you to highlight important messages by sticking them near the bottom of a text channel. Members with a certain role are able to run the /sticky-post command to send a sticky message to a channel. The message will then be resent whenever a certain message count is reached in that channel. You can then rerun the /stick-post command to either delete or create a new message. You are able to fully customize the sticky message sent as well as create a default sticky message for your server.

This module uses our new module creation system which allows you to fully customize the events and commands in the module. Feel free to edit the event and command to your needs. If you make a mistake you can always reset the module back to its default settings.

Depreciation of Music Module - May 5th 2023

Over the past year or so YouTube has been cracking down on Music Bots and tightening loopholes on how 3rd party apps can rip and stream audio from YouTube videos. This has resulted in it becoming a cat and mouse game of YouTube fixing a loophole and then us trying to find a new way to stream audio through the Discord bots. Over the past few weeks this has became more and more difficult as YouTube launch more measures to stop 3rd party streaming apps.

With that in mind we have decided to retire the Music Module entirely until further notice. If you purchased premium within the last 60 days and would like a refund you can do so through our billing-support options.

Welcome Banners Update - May 3rd 2023

We have made some changes to the new welcome banners module to ensure it's more stable and more customizable. The module will now use an API hosted directly by BotGhost, to avoid the possible outages that happened frequently while using a public API.

You can now customise various colors of the banner image, such as the text colors, the background color and the avatar border color. The background image is not required from now on, you can simply use a background color instead of it.

To access all of these new changes, refresh the module page and click the orange update button. Emojis won't appear in the banner as of now, but we'll implement a fix to that soon. Please report bugs and suggestions in our Discord support server,

Welcome Banners - April 27th 2023

A new Welcome Banners module has been added for all users using the new module system. This modules uses the POPCAT API to send a customizable welcome banner whenever someone joins the server in a user defined welcoming channel.

You can customize all fields of the welcome banner from within the module, and send the banner through either a plain text or embed message. You can also toggle on whether or not to also send the banner to the users DMs.

Like all modules using the new module system, you can also fully customize the Welcome Banners event. This module is available to all users immediately (No beta).

Twitter module disabled - April 27th 2023

Due to big daddy Elon shutting down the free Twitter API (and now charging $42,000/month for what used to be free) we can no longer get updates from Twitter. We have plans to replace this module with Zapier integration in the future however we currently have no ETA on when this will be released.

For the time being the Twitter module will be temporarily disabled until either the Zapier functionality is released or Elon Musk reverts his decision.

Changes to revoking premium tokens - April 25th 2023

Due to some issues concerning duplicate premium tokens and the revoking system, we have decided to change the way revoking works. Starting immediately, revoking a premium token can only be done by creating a ticket through the #billing-support channel on our server ( or by sending an email to Users with a monthly, yearly, or lifetime unlimited token subscription can instantly delete premium bots without having to revoke the token. However, if you have a premium subscription and want to delete your premium bot without an unlimited subscription, you must request a token revoke through the #billing-support channel or by emailing Please make sure to create the ticket on the Discord account with the premium subscription. If the ticket is not created on the right Discord account, we will not be able to fulfill your request. If emailing without creating a ticket via our Discord server, we may ask for additional information associated to your account to confirm the ownership status. Free premium cannot be revoked. Wait until the free premium expires to delete a bot.

Premium Gifting - April 25th 2023

We have added the ability to gift 3 different types of BotGhost premium to other users. You can now gift people either 30 days, 365 days or Unlimited lifetime premium through purchasing upgrade codes in the dashboard. Some FAQs:

  • Gifts are a one time purchase at the same price of their respective subscription (monthly, yearly, lifetime unlimited).

  • Once purchased, you can copy a Gift code at the bottom of the gifting page and send it to another person to claim.

  • Gifts can then be claimed on the gifting page.

  • Gifts that have been claimed can not be refunded. Gifts that are unclaimed can be refunded within 7 days of purchase similar to subscriptions.

Four new modules out of beta - April 18th 2023

The four new modules are now out of beta and can be used by all members. These modules are: Counting ChatGPT Image Generation Modmail

If you have any suggestions or come across any bugs please report them in their respective channels in our Discord server, .

Release Modmail Module - March 15th 2023

The final module to be released in this update is the Modmail module. The module uses the same system we use in this server to allow users to contact staff by DMing the bot. Usage The module creates posts in a forum channel of your choosing whenever a user dm's your bot. Staff members can then send messages to the post to have those messages sent to the user through DMs. You can customize the title and description of the opening message through the module. Ban Command + Permissions You can ban problematic users from opening tickets using the /modmail-ban command. You can also set the required permissions that your staff members must have to be able to use the command. This module is currently in beta. Please report any bugs or feedback in the feedback channel in our Discord server, .

Release Image Generation Module - April 14th 2023

The 3rd module to be released is the Image Generation module. This module uses OpenAI's Dall-E to generate images from user supplied prompts. Like the ChatGPT module this module also requires you to supply your own API key from OpenAI. You can get an API key here /imagine The imagine command is the only command in the module. You can use this command to generate images using the AI. Dall-E works best when experimenting with different art styles so get creative. This module is currently in beta. Please report any bugs or feedback in the feedback channel in our Discord server, .

Release ChatGPT Module - April 13th 2023

The second module to be released is the ChatGPT Module. This module lets you interact with and chat with ChatGPT using your own API key. You can select from GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 if you have access. You can generate an API key on the OpenAI platform page here Chat Mode When in chat mode, your bot will automatically reply to its @mentions with a ChatGPT-generated reply. A channel is required to be selected for chat mode. Commands This module has two commands. The /respond command generates an AI response to a prompt. The /edit-text command edits some provided text based on your instructions. This module is currently in beta. Please report any bugs or feedback in the feedback channel in our Discord server, .

New Module System, Four New Modules, Increased Limits, Module Favoriting - April 12th 2023

• New Module System We have created a new module system that allows us to create custom modules without our developers having to hard code them. This system uses inputs that are linked to a variable in combination with custom commands and events to create a module on the dashboard. This allows us to create modules without having to hard code systems from scratch, meaning we can create and update modules more quickly. You are able to completely modify the modules commands and events just like a custom command or event. Do note that these modules commands and events count towards your free limits. Over the next 4 days we will be releasing 4 entirely new modules, starting with... • Counting Module (beta) The counting module is the first module to be released with this new system. This module copies the functionality in the counting channel in our Discord server, . As mentioned above, this system uses some custom variables with an event and command to recreate the system in this server. Feel free to edit the event and command to your liking. If you mess up, you can always reset the module back to its default settings. Please report any bugs or feedback in the feedback channel in our Discord server, . • Increased Limits Due to this new module system using custom commands and events, free users will quickly hit their command, event and database call limits. To accommodate for this we have increased the free limits to the following: Custom Commands 5 -> 8 Database calls 1000 -> 5000 Custom event limits will stay the same for now. Premium users obviously are still unlimited. • Module Favoriting Due to the four new modules and new modules coming in the future, your most used modules may become hidden under modules you never intend to use. To fix this, we have created a module favoriting system that allows you to pin modules to the top of the dashboard. These favorites are account wide and persist across all your bots.

Modals out of Beta Only - March 20th 2023

The new modal - 'Send a Form' - action for the command and event builder is now out of beta and can be used by all members.

Release Modals (Form) Action - March 10th 2023

A new 'Send a Form' action has been added to the beta server. This action lets you build a form (modal) and collect and use user responses. Use the new Form builder to add and edit inputs to your form and then use the associated variables throughout other actions and variables. Any changes to your form will be reflected live in the Form preview.

Important to note: Forms must be the first reply to an interaction. You are unable to link a Form action to the tree if a reply has already been sent to that interaction. An interaction occurs when either:

  • A command is used

  • A button is clicked

  • A select menu option is selected

As this update changed a lot of back end logic for the command and event builder, please report any bugs directly in this forum post:

This update is currently in beta only.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - March 1st 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Twitch announcements to not announce for some users.

  • Added the /volume command to the dashboard. Previously it would show in Discord but not in the Music module on the Dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the builder to crash when deleting multiple blocks containing a condition or button action.

  • Implemented a compression system that should reduce the size of large bots. This in turn should reduce the occurrence of 'Network Error' save fails.

  • Fixed a bug that caused event variables to no longer work after a button or select menu interaction.

  • Variables can now be used in the targeting fields for the Currency Condition

  • Changed the Currency conditions value field to a text input so that variables can be used.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to connect children blocks to their parent. You can't make loops stop trying 😡 .

  • Added the {server_owner_id} variable.

  • Fixed some styling issues on the home page for mobile.

Changes Data Storage module and Migration to Global Commands - February 22th 2023

Free Users Data Storage Changes - Simplified the way data storage usage is tracked and used for free users. In the new system, creating or interacting with a variable will use 10 storage calls. Free users now have a maximum usage of 1000 calls. Calls are reset at the start of each month (and have been reset today). Users with any paid subscription still have unlimited usage.

• Migration to Global Commands - Migrated all commands to the global command system. Previously, commands were server specific due to limitations which made global commands take around an hour to update. This should have no effect on smaller bots, however larger bots should now see command changes roll out across servers near instantly.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes - February 14th 2023

  • Fixed a bug with the {user_status} variable that would cause it to return null or an error when the user is offline.

  • Buttons after the first row that should be disabled should now disable correctly.

  • You no longer have to have created a bot to be able to access and work on cocreator bots.

  • The usage limit of 500 is now active for non-premium members. A paid subscription is required to remove this limit. You will not be able to set the value of any variables if you do not have a paid subscription and go over the 500 usage limit. Members with a paid subscription do not have any limit. Usage is account-wide.

  • Messages in DMs should now be deleted correctly when deleted by a Delete a Message block.

  • Variable targets in the DM block should now work for embeds

  • {event_reason} should now work correctly in the ban event.

  • Variables in the User ID targeting field for Custom Variable conditions should now work correctly.

  • Updated the YouTube module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.

  • Updated the Twitch module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.

  • Updated the Reddit module to not create channels when sending. The module will now only post in the channel that was selected.

  • Child options of select menus will now be deleted when the parent action is deleted.

  • Beta features should now show correctly when using co-create if the bot you are working on has beta enabled.

  • Fixed a bug where Button messages sent in a newly created channel could not be pinned or deleted.

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