Creating Multiple Bots

How to Create Multiple Bots

With BotGhost you are able to have multiple bots on one account. To add another bot to your account, click the Bot Switcher drop-down in the top right-hand side of your dashboard or your bots profile picture in the left-hand side menu.
From here you can click the New Bot button to create a new bot. To create the bot follow the steps you followed to create your first bot.
To switch bots once again click the Bot Switcher drop-down and select the bot you wish to change to.
You can have multiple bots in a single server but it is not recommended. BotGhost is meant to be the "one bot that can do it all" so if you have multiple BotGhost bots in one server it can get quite chaotic.
One way you can have multiple bots, without all the chaos, is by specifying which permissions you'd like on your bot. The Preset is the type of bot these permissions will be with, the number is the permissions listed "8" being all permissions(Admin), the link is Here are a few examples down below:
Many BotGhost commands will not work without the Administrator permissions, proceed with caution.
Note: Any presets labeled in YELLOW require the bot owner to have 2FA Enabled​
Admin Bot
Moderation Bot
Utilities Bot
Music Bot
Economy Bot
Welcome Bot
The link will not work unless you replace "[BOTID]" with your bot's ID. You can find your bot's ID by going to the Developer Portal.
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