Getting a Token
How to get a token for your bot

Getting a token

To get your bot online you first must create a discord developer profile and create an application.

Create an Application

Head over to and login to your Discord account, create a Discord account if you do not already have one. Click the New Application button to create a new application. Give the application any name you wish (this is not your bots name), then add a profile picture. The name and profile picture will be the ones shown when inviting your bot.

Generate a Bot

On this new page click the Bot tab on the left-hand side menu.
Click the Bot tab
Once you are on this new page click the Add Bot button to create a bot. Click Yes, do it! to confirm.
From the Bot tab, you can set your bots profile picture and display name, the name and Icon are the ones that will show on your bot inside of a Discord Server. The Username field is the display name of the bot and is what people will see in discord. From this page, you can also change your bot's icon to anything you wish.
If you wish to set your bot to private you can do this by unchecking the Public Bot option. This will mean that only you will be able to invite your bot to any server.
Ensure that Requires OAUTH2 Code Grant is unchecked. Failing to do so will mean that your bot will be unable to be invited to servers.

Privileged Gateway Intents

Privileged gateway intents are required for some bot functions to operate correctly. Ensure that both Presence Intent and Server Members Intent are both enabled like below.

Getting your Token

Due to Discord Security Policy & Privacy Policy updates you will have to reset your token anytime you lose it or need to find it again. You will need to paste the new one into the BotGhost Dashboard.
To get your token click the Reset Token button under the Token settings. You will paste this into your BotGhost Dashboard under settings.
Stay Safe!
BotGhost Staff members will never ask for your token, if there is someone saying they are a BotGhost Staff member asking for your token report them and let a member of staff know.

Sharing your Token

If a user asks for your Discord Bot Token it is usually a scam.
For Example: If you see a user message you anything like this, please do NOT respond!!!
The token above has been regenerated, so please do not attempt to use it.

What can happen?

If you do share your bot's token the user will have access to attach this token to any code. This could lead to raids, account stealing, or worse. In the scenario that a user does get a hold of your Bot's Token make sure to reset your Bot's Token and enable 2FA.

How can I stay safe?

Make sure not to share our token to anyone, Discord Staff nor BotGhost staff will ever ask for your Bot's Token. If a user is asking for your token, report it to one of our moderators and put in an Official Report to Discord!