Inviting your bot
To invite your bot head over to your dashboard and click on the
Link icon that says "Invite" in the left side menu.
Click the invite button and then click "authorize", afterward click the specified server you want to add your bot to.
To add the bot to a server you need to be admin on that server or own the server. If you are not the server will not show up on the bot's server list.
Ensure that the Administrator permission is checked so your bot is able to perform all its commands.

Got an error?

The two most common errors are code grant and private application errors. These are a simple fix.

Private Application Error

If you are receiving this error it means that the Bot you are trying to invite is not owned by you. Make sure to double check that you see your bot on the Discord Developer Portal.

Code Grant Error

If you meant to enable this, you can find an Auth code in your authentication app used for Discord (2FA is required)
If you are receiving this error that means you need to disable Auth Code Grant from your developer portal. You can disable that in the Discord Developer Portal .
You can find this in the tab, the grant option will be located directly below the "Public Bot" setting.

What's next?

It's time to start customizing your bot. Head over to modules in your dashboard and get started. You can find documentation and help for every module to the left. Ensure after any changes that you save

Need more help?

Check out our Official Support Server to get access to a 24/7 support team ready to help!