Upgrade Your Subscription

Would you like to upgrade or downgrade your subscription? You can do this through the premium page, learn more on this below!

Changing your current premium subscription

  1. Go to the premium page and click 'change' under any preferred subscription.

2. Enter your subscription email. If you do not know this, please check one of your mailboxes and look for an email that you received when you bought your first/current subscription.

3. Enter the 6-number code you received in your mailbox. This code is valid for the next 5 minutes.

4. Click on the white area with your current subscription.

5. Click on the blue 'edit subscription' button.

6. Choose your new subscription from the list. The new subscription will be deducted from your current payment method. You can change it as shown in step 4.

The payment platform will determine the final price. If you have an annual subscription of 100$, it will be worth 50$ after 6 months!

7. Click on 'update subscription'. You will now be redirected to your dashboard, if not, refresh your page. You can upgrade your bot(s) using your premium tokens in your BotGhost settings menu.

Your current premium bot(s) will be changed back to basic when you change your subscription. You can upgrade them again through your settings menu.

Do you have any issues or questions with your subscription? Head over to the Billing & Subscription page.

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