Upgrading Your Bot

Not able to firgure out how you can upgrade your bot to premium? Below you can find the instructions!

How to upgrade your bot?

  • Just purchased a premium token and want to upgrade your bot? First, you'll need to locate your BotGhost Dashboard settings in order to upgrade your bot:
  • At the top of your settings page, you should see an orange box with the message 'Premium Tokens Available'. To activate premium on that specific bot, press the 'Upgrade Bot' button!
Note: Ensure you've selected the right bot before interacting with this button

How to activate free premium?

Unlike a paid subscription, free premium tokens must be claimed and activated by the Free Premium module itself. To claim your premium, head on over to the method you chose and click the "Claim x days of BotGhost premium" button if you've completed all the steps correctly.

Having issues with upgrading your bot?

Purchased Premium: in order for us to help, we'll need you to join our Discord server and open up a support ticket. Once joined, locate the channel #billing-support (or you can click here) and click the "Create Ticket" button.
Free Premium: You'll need to join our Discord server and run the /premium-help command in a support channel.
You can't upgrade your bot to paid premium subscription while your bot got free premium activated. Wait until the free premium runs out and you'd be able to upgrade the bot!